Hoop Maps Update | Shark Tank Season 9

Identical twins and Sacramento State alums, Donte and Dominic Morris, love to play basketball. Unfortunately, they have had problems finding pick-up games. This issue led them to create their app, Hoop Maps, built to help users find or create pick-up games with ease. Will the sharks pick up a game? Let’s see in this Shark Tank Hoop Maps update.

Shark Tank Hoop Maps Update

Hoop Maps Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Donte and Dominic Morris
  • Business: App for finding pick-up basketball games
  • Ask: $100,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: No Deal
  • Shark: None

The twins have over 50,000 users on the Hoop Maps app, but currently, it is free. With most of the app’s users in New York City, users are finding their app via a Google search. Hoop Maps currently has 10,000 daily active users and the pair plan to change it to a subscription model, coming to the tank in hopes of getting help to do so.

Dante learned how to code just so Hoop Maps could be created. Their other previous experience is running a baseball recreation league.

The first shark to drop was Lori Greiner, as she didn’t feel she was the right partner. Kevin O’Leary didn’t see a way for the app to make money which led him to drop out as well.

Barbara Corcoran also didn’t see a way to get her money back and dropped out. Guest shark, Alex Rodriguez, thought the business was too small and dropped out. Mark Cuban dropped out because he didn’t feel it would be an easy investment and didn’t want to spend time revamping the business structure, prompting him to drop out.

Before letting Dante and Dominic go, Alex offered advice for them to find an upcoming basketball star to promote their business as a way to start making money.

At the time of this Hoop Maps update, the website has actually been hacked and isn’t working. The Instagram page was last updated in July of 2021.

You can still download the app on the Google play store, but the reviews are very poor and no posts can be seen for the last two years, leading us to believe the app no longer works.

While Hoops Maps did get some user traction and was even featured on ESPN SportsCenter, the outcome doesn’t seem too bright. Based on this information stated, it seems safe to say Hoop Maps is no longer in business. The sharks made a good decision by not investing in this business.

It looks like this will be our final Hoop Maps update.

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