Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder Update | Season 4

Michael J. DeSanti created a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Will he earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 4? Find out in our Squirrel Boss update!

Shark Tank Squirrel Boss Update

Squirrel Boss Update

  • Entrepreneur: Michael J. DeSanti
  • Business: Squirrel-proof bird feeder
  • Ask: $130,000 for 40% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Michael came on the tank to pitch his product and company, Squirrel Boss. It used static shock to discourage squirrels from feasting on seed intended for birds. Lori Greiner was first to volunteer to be shocked by the bird feeder, but everyone except Kevin O’Leary would take their turn getting zapped by the Squirrel Boss.

Once the fun was done, Robert Herjavec accurately pointed out that the Squirrel Boss was useless unless you stood around watching the bird feeder all day, as it would only shock squirrels when you manually pressed a button from a remote control. Michael said that was the number two objection, with the biggest customer complaint being the expensive price.

Lori asked how many times someone would have to zap the squirrel to get it to leave permanently. Michael said after two shocks they often cut their losses and leave. Robert asked if animal rights activists would take up arms against Squirrel Boss, but Michael claimed they liked the product since the alternative method of discouraging squirrels was usually lethal force or shooting them.

Mark Cuban asked for business-related details. Michael was happy to oblige, sharing that he had sold 4,131 units for a total of $196,096 gross sales. Robert asked how Michael financed Squirrel Boss, and Michael said he had an angel investor give him $140,000, all but $38,000 of which was paid back already. In regard to his own money, Michael said he had put in “thousands” but not “tens of thousands” of his own money.

Lori asked if there was a patent, but Michael said it was rejected and they did not appeal. Lori asked if it was rejected because there were similar competitors on the market, but Michael said that was not the case.

Robert said it was a quirky product and Michael should sell some, but he “wouldn’t quit his day job” and he was out. Michael disagreed, reiterating that his product paid for itself in the cost of saved bird seed and was saving squirrel lives. Lori, on the other hand, felt that zapping the squirrels was inhumane and was out as well.

Michael said he couldn’t leave without a deal, but Mark went out next, saying he was not a “squirrel whisperer.” Kevin said that it might “shock” everyone, but he was out too. Robert pointed out that only Daymond John remained, but Daymond quickly said “I’m out” with no explanation provided.

Did Michael succeed despite not getting an investment? Did he shock everyone with his success after the tank? Here is our Squirrel Boss update.

Before long, Michael was able to sell his product on Amazon, but the success was short-lived. By 2016, the product disappeared from stock. Squirrel Boss went out of business that year, and remains unavailable today. This will be our final Squirrel Boss update.

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