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Many people choose to drink decaf coffee for health reasons, but it’s hard to know if the coffee that’s ordered is actually decaf. To help with this, Michael Schiavone created a litmus test in the form of ink printed on a sweetener packet. If caffeine is present in the drink, the packet will turn pink. Will he earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 1? Find out in our Caffeindicator update! 

Shark Tank Caffeindicator Update

Caffeindicator Update

  • Entrepreneur: Michael Schiavone
  • Business: Caffeine tester
  • Ask: $200,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: $200,000 for 50% equity
  • Shark: Kevin Harrington

Michael entered Shark Tank Season 1 to present his Caffeindicator, and was immediately asked to demonstrate the product. He showed the sharks how it worked, then highlighted how fun it would be for people to share it, even those not necessarily into sweeteners.

Michael illustrated that he was looking to break into the sweetener industry and create a bidding war between competitors. He could offer them the chance to make extra money per packet and offer something their competitors did not have.

With an already-acquired patent for the product, Michael could become an intimidating figure in the business. 

Kevin O’Leary appreciated Michael’s slightly predatory approach to business. Robert Herjavec wanted to know more about how much the packets would cost to make, but Michael didn’t have the exact number. 

Barbara Corcoran was not convinced by the product, stating she didn’t expect people to be that paranoid about caffeine intake, so she went out. Daymond John agreed with her and also went out. 

Robert’s interest was piqued, so he made an offer of $200,000, but for 60% equity and contingent on securing a deal with a sweetener company. Kevin Harrington jumped in with another offer of $200,000 for 50%, but with the same contingency as Robert’s offer. 

Kevin O. tried to join the offers but hesitated, and Kevin H. pushed for an immediate response. This led to Michael accepting his offer.

What do you think happened next? Keep reading our Caffeindicator update to find out 

Our Caffeindicator update reveals that the deal with the shark never materialized. The product has since fully disappeared, despite initial interest after the episode aired.

This will be our final Caffeindicator update.

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