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Arthur Shmulevsky and Ryan Agran developed the Clean Cube in response to our ‘on-demand’ world. This doorman service allows you to pick up and drop off your orders, dry cleaning, groceries, and packages in a secure location. This seems like a great idea for residential buildings in New York and other larger cities. Will the sharks see the value in this service when Arthur and Ryan bring it to Shark Tank Season 7? Find out in our Clean Cube update.

Shark Tank Clean Cube Update

Clean Cube Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Arthur Shmulevsky and Ryan Agran
  • Business: Automated doorman service for residential locations
  • Ask: $300,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

The “last mile” is a well-known struggle when it comes to deliveries, especially in an economy where you get what you need entirely on demand. Arthur and Ryan pitched Clean Cube, their modular, secure units for deliveries and other drop-off services. They asked Barbara Corcoran to come try it out, demonstrating how the Clean Cubes worked when dropping off your dry cleaning or picking up a package. 

They said they needed the $300,000 to scale the business. Currently, they had Clean Cubes fitted into 40 residential buildings, with the largest having about 168 units. As far as how many Cubes each building needed, Arthur and Ryan explained that they installed one cube for every 7 units on average. 

Kevin O’Leary thought that buildings would want to charge the company rent. Arthur told him that most actually paid them to keep Clean Cubes in the building. Barbara added that the Cubes would allow landlords to charge higher rents, much as they did with doormen. 

In the year prior to filming, the company had $130,000 in sales. Robert Herjavec didn’t like the footprint of the unit, so he was out. Kevin thought the price negotiations for each location would be a pain, so he dropped out too. Lori Greiner liked the solution but thought they were still figuring stuff out, so she went out. 

Mark Cuban told them they didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor they needed, so he went out too. Barbara understood the need and the concept, but didn’t see it as a ‘big play’. She went out as well, and Clean Cube walked away without a deal. Let’s see how the company is doing now in our Clean Cube update.

While Clean Cube seemed like a great idea, there’s bad news about the business. Research for our Clean Cube update revealed that the company shut down in 2015 after 3 years in business. Despite their 40 residential buildings, they weren’t able to sell any more modular units.

This will be our final Clean Cube update.

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