The Caddy Girls Update | Shark Tank Season 6

Meghan Tarmey saw an opportunity to make some money in her favorite sport of golf.  She created the first all-female golf caddying company, catering to events and tournaments.  Don’t underestimate her girl caddies, because they do it all, just in skirts. Will the sharks think this business is a hole-in-one on Shark Tank Season 6? Find out in The Caddy Girls update!

Shark Tank The Caddy Girls Update

The Caddy Girls Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Meghan Tarmey
  • Business: Golf Caddying
  • Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Meghan drove into the tank on a golf cart, joined by a couple of her female caddies.  She explained that her company provides golfers with caddies. Her caddies weren’t just fun company to have around, but they also cheered on the golfer, drove the cart, kept score, raked the sand traps, read the greens, and provided all the typical caddy services.

She told the sharks that her company had generated about $140,000 in sales during the 2013 calendar year. In the month prior to filming, the company generated $34,000 in sales. To hire a caddy for 18 holes of regulation golf, it cost $149.00. Of that amount, the caddy would receive $100.00. To hire a caddy for only nine holes, cost the client just $89.00.

Too concerned about the safety of the girls, especially where drinking could be involved and caddies could be harassed, Lori Greiner went out. The next shark to go out was Mark Cuban, simply because he hates golf. While Daymond John liked the concept, he felt there was too much work to do, so he went out also.

Struggling to see the vision, Robert Herjavec dropped out, unable to see how he would get back his investment.  With only Kevin O’Leary remaining, he offered the $100,000 for 50% equity, but Meghan immediately declined the offer and walked out of the tank. What became of Meghan’s company? Keep reading The Caddy Girls update to find out!

You might be surprised that the company is doing really well. Research for The Caddy Girls update revealed that despite not securing a deal, The Caddy Girls is still in business and thriving, with more than $10 million in annual revenue across a variety of states in North America. You can find out more and book your caddy on The Caddy Girls website.

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