P-Nuff Crunch Update

P-Nuff Crunch Snack Update | Season 12

Dr. Juan Salinas is the founder of Perfect Life Nutrition and carries a PhD in food science. For 25 years, he created healthy snacks for some of the largest food companies in the United States, but none of the stuff they made was healthy. That’s why he created a snack that’s not only delicious, but it’s nutritious too! Will he score a deal on Shark Tank Season 12? Find out in our P-Nuff Crunch update!

Shark Tank P-Nuff Crunch Update

P-Nuff Crunch Update

  • Entrepreneur: Dr. Juan Salinas
  • Business: Healthy peanut puff snack
  • Ask: $300,000 for 10%
  • Result: $400,000 for 25%
  • Shark: Mark Cuban

Dr. Juan appeared on Shark Tank Season 12, Episode 2 with his product P-Nuff Crunch. P-Nuff Crunch is a healthy, peanut-based alternative to the traditional puff snack.

Protein Puffs
P-nuff Crunch Baked Peanut Puffs

P-nuff Crunch baked peanut puffs contain 5g of plant-based protein (per serving) sourced from peanuts, navy beans, & brown rice. This combination makes a complete protein & contains all 9 essential amino acids to help build muscle.

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Not only is it packed with protein, but it’s also loaded with tons of other healthy ingredients. If that wasn’t enough to convince the health-conscious consumer, it also happens to be Keto friendly, Vegan, Gluten-free, and Low FODMAP approved.

During his pitch, Dr. Juan shared that P-Nuff Crunch sold for between $3.29 and $3.39, which was in line with other healthy snack items in the market. Manufacturing cost him $0.75, and he earned about $1 per unit.

In 2019, the year prior to filming, sales were $104,000. Kevin O’Leary chimed in and said that wasn’t all that impressive for the nutritional snack market.

Mark Cuban told Juan that his wife recently bought a pack of P-Nuff Crunch, and he ate them all before she could get any. Due to his positive history with the product and decent sales, Mark offered Dr. Juan $300,000 for 25% equity.

Dr. Juan countered Mark with 15%, but Mark said it wasn’t worth it for him. Instead, he offered $400,000 for 25% equity, and before any of the other sharks could make an offer, Dr. Juan accepted the deal with Mark!

What happened to the company after appearing on Shark Tank? Did partnering up with Mark help Dr. Juan to grow his business? Keep reading our P-Nuff Crunch update to find out!

Research for our P-Nuff Crunch update revealed that the company is still in business, and doing quite well! They’ve even expanded their product line to include more flavors and increased sales have followed.

Products are available for purchase on the P-Nuff Crunch website, Amazon, and in several retail locations across Texas, which we’re guessing Mark had a hand in!

And if you can’t get enough of Dr. Juan, you’re in luck. He also sells a fitness and diet program on the P-Nuff Crunch website.

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