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Rent-a-Grandma Babysitting Service | Shark Tank Season 3

Entrepreneur Todd Pliss pitched his babysitting service during Shark Tank Season 3. Rent-a-Grandma is an interesting spin on traditional babysitting services however. This company hires out grandmas, with the idea that grandmas are trustworthy and wise. What will the sharks ultimately think of Todd’s business? Find out in our Rent-a-Grandma update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Rent-a-Grandma after Shark Tank!

Todd Pliss appeared on Shark Tank Season 3, but in the end, he walked away without a deal. In terms of a Rent-a-Grandma update, the company is still in business! They now offer childcare, senior care, tutoring, housekeepers, pet care, and more!

Shark: Result:
Barbara Corcoran No offer
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Mark Cuban No offer
Robert Herjavec No offer
Daymond John No offer

Shark Tank Rent-a-Grandma Update

Rent-a-Grandma update

  • Entrepreneur: Todd Pliss
  • Business: Grandmother babysitting service
  • Ask: $150,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Founder of Rent-a-Grandma, Todd Pliss, walked into the tank, and explained in detail to the sharks why grandmothers were a better choice than teenagers for babysitting.

With their wealth of expertise, grandmas could provide a better experience overall. Especially since Todd says, that teenagers seem to be overly preoccupied with texting, and being on their phones.

He believes that parents would rather have a loving, and attentive caregiver, more like their grandma, when they can’t be home with their kids. Todd throws in that grandmas tend to also bake cookies.

Todd illustrates this with the help of a distracted teenager and a presumed grandma, on the set. He then asks the sharks which one they’d rather have watching over their kids.

The sharks got to enjoy some cookies, but then they were ready to get right down to business.

Barbara Corcoran wanted to know how long the business had been operational. Todd said he’d been in this business for around a year, and had 50 grandmas in Los Angeles.

Additionally, he had plenty of calls coming in for them. Robert Herjavec asked about sales, and Todd said so far that year he’d brought in around $25,000. 

Kevin O’Leary wanted to know how to make a profit. Todd talked about the system, and talked about the upfront fee they charged clients.

Basically, that came out to be between 12% and 15%, charged from what grandmas would get paid. Kevin thought that this ultimately provides a thin margin, however Todd highlighted a lot of it would be paid upfront.

However, Kevin was still not convinced by the numbers. Then, Mark Cuban asked what the minimum commitment was, and Todd said it was at least $1,200, with a replacement guarantee.

Daymond John thought the idea was cute, but despite this, he still went out.

Robert Herjavec said Todd was a long way from franchising, and because of this, he also went out.

Barbara stated that this business wasn’t her type of investment, so she eventually went out too.

Likewise, Kevin was not interested in the proposed project, and he also went out.

Mark thought the idea was good, however, it would be a difficult business to scale. For this reason, he too went out.

Without any offers, Todd had to leave without a deal. What do you think happened following Shark Tank?

Keep reading our Rent-a Grandma update to find out. 

Our Rent-a-Grandma update reveals Todd’s business continues to operate today, despite the lack of enthusiasm from the sharks. Additionally, company offers many more services than it initially had. Besides child care, they have grandma’s who provide senior care, tutoring, pet care, housekeeping, cooking, and much more.

AARP Bulletin, ABC News, Los Angeles Times, and more have even featured the company.

You can check them all out on the Rent-a-Grandma website

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