The Woobles Update | Shark Tank Season 14

Adrian Zhang and Justine Tiu came onto Shark Tank during Season 14 Episode 2. Their business was called the Woobles and they were seeking $250,000 dollars from the sharks in exchange for 5% equity. They have the goal of selling kits to help teach beginners about crochet kits. Let’s see which sharks were willing to strike a deal with these two entrepreneurs before we cover the Woobles update.

Shark Tank The Woobles Update

The Woobles update

  • Entrepreneurs: Adrian Zhang and Justine Tiu
  • Business: Crochet kits for kids
  • Ask: $250,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: $450,000 for 6% equity
  • Sharks: Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban

After explaining the business side of the Woobles to the sharks, Justine and Adrian explained exactly what types of things were included in their kits. In addition to a variety of accessories like crochet hooks, stuffing, and yarn needles, the kits also include step-by-step instructional videos that can help beginners get more comfortable.

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There are kits for beginners, novices, and intermediate users. The price for manufacturing each of these kits slightly varies. Even more impressive to the sharks is the fact that the business was launched with a couple of hundred dollars and has rapidly grown to more than five million in net worth.

All of the sharks were interested, and after a lot of back and forth they ultimately received an offer of $450,000 dollars in exchange for 6% equity from both Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban and the two entrepreneurs decided to accept their offer.

Securing a deal on Shark Tank was a major goal and they both seemed optimistic about the partnerships. Now that we’ve covered the important outcome of the negotiations, let’s take a closer look at the Woobles update.

Justine and Adrian are continuing to look for new ways to expand their business, and an independent book has also been written and published by Justine in recent days.

Further, in our the Woobles update research we found that the crochet kits and guides are continuing to expand to new locations, including online and retail stores around the United States. Demand for the beginner kit has been so popular, that orders are delayed until late 2022. The official Amazon page says, “Due to overwhelming demand from Shark Tank, orders will ship by late November/early December (2022).”

As you can see, the company hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down and should receive a marketing boost from their appearance on Shark Tank. We can’t wait to check back in for another the Woobles update in the future!

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