Seriously Slime Update | Shark Tank Season 11

Slime is extremely popular among kids today, from slime kits to online videos, it’s everywhere. Parents everywhere are very much aware of slime, and how messy it is. This business offers a solution to these problems. Will the sharks be interested in investing in slime during Season 11? Find out in our Shark Tank Seriously Slime update.

Shark Tank Seriously Slime Update

Seriously Slime Update

  • Entrepreneur: Shannon Valko and Sarah McDermott
  • Business: Slime-making venue and event service
  • Ask: $90,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Shannon Valko and Sarah McDermott, like many moms, are aware of the issues presented by slime, which is very popular with kids. However, it’s messy, gets everywhere, and it’s impossible to get out of your carpet. Worried about disappointing your kids when you don’t allow slime in your home anymore? Seriously Slime can help.

Seriously Slime hosts parties where kids can make slime in a play-driven environment. Parents don’t have to worry about cleaning up, and they have all of the customization options available. During their pitch, they have Robert Herjavec make slime at their mobile slime center.

They do events, but there is nothing proprietary, which Kevin O’Leary is quick to point out. They are in Chicago right now, but they want to license. However, the sharks are less than pleased with their sales. Despite upgrading to a physical location recently, they only have $28,000 in lifetime sales.

This revenue comes from charging for events, which run from $300 to $350 per hour. The sharks don’t think franchising is a good idea.

Kevin O’Leary immediately says he hates it, and he’s out. Guest shark Daniel Lubetzky says he’s done kits with his kids and doesn’t see how this would be different. There’s nothing proprietary and it can be easily duplicated. The entrepreneurs argue that having a space to make slime would be the difference.

Mark Cuban just doesn’t see how they could make money. He thinks maybe they should be in malls, which the entrepreneurs agree with. However, it’s not for him, so he drops out. Robert Herjavec goes too, saying there’s not really a brand here. It’s fun, but not investible.

Lori Greiner has similar advice. This could stay a small business with a small income, and that would be okay for the entrepreneurs. However, she doesn’t think it’s investible so she drops out.

This leaves Daniel. The slime containers they’ve pitched are the best option, according to him. They could market those with much more success, probably because it’s a product rather than a service. He goes on to say that slime is banned in his house due to the way it destroys furniture and carpets. For these reasons, he’s out.

None of the sharks are willing to take a bite, so Seriously Slime leaves without a deal. But where are they now? Keep reading our Shark Tank Seriously Slime update to find out how the company is doing after the show.

Unfortunately, the pandemic caused Seriously Slime to close intermittently for long periods of time. Their alternative was virtual slime parties, which cost much less than the parties they were doing before. They re-opened in the middle of 2021, but our Seriously Slime update research was unable to turn over any new numbers for the company.

Now, you can find kits and pre-made slime on their website. The slime babies they pitched on the show were never funded, so they don’t offer them anymore. Hopefully, as the world returns to normal from the pandemic, Shannon and Sarah will be able to figure something out.

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