Duderobe Update

Duderobe Update | Shark Tank Season 9

Howie Busch brought his company, Duderobe, onto Shark Tank Season 9 in hopes of raising $150,000. He was willing to share 18% equity in exchange for the investment from a shark. Let’s see if Howie was able to earn a deal before we jump ahead to check on his company and get a full Duderobe update.

Shark Tank Duderobe Update

Duderobe Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Howie Busch
  • Business: Robes for Men
  • Ask: $150,000 for 18% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

The comfortable design of Duderobe is one of the separating factors when compared to its rivals. Howie insists that his product is one of the best possible robe selections on the market, created specifically for men.

DudeRobe Men's Hooded Robe | As Seen on Shark Tank! - S/M, Grey

After hitting its funding goal in just 2 days on Kickstarter, DudeRobe was featured on Season 9 of ABC’s Shark Tank.

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Howie also told the sharks that his robe could be used at home, at the beach, and even at the gym after working out.

The sharks wanted to learn more about the company’s financial history and Howie responded by sharing his company’s Kickstarter campaign fundraiser.

He was hoping to use Kickstarter to raise about $25,000. The crowdfunding campaign ended over the goal at approximately $65,000. The full robe set was the most popular item during the Kickstarter campaign according to Howie.

The price point was listed at $219, which, in the opinion of the sharks, was quite expensive. For that reason alone, Mark Cuban and several other sharks decided to drop out.

Daymond John was Howie’s last hope and he strongly considered the idea of potentially investing in the company but after collecting his thoughts he became the final shark to drop out without making an offer.

Now that we have learned about Howie’s time on Shark Tank, let’s get a Duderobe update to see whether he has managed to steer his company in the right direction without a deal.

During the 2021 calendar year, Duderobe had great success and reached an estimated $2 million in gross revenue. The company continues to operate and has an active website but it certainly hasn’t reached the levels that Howie intended as he stated on Shark Tank during Season 9.

However, over time we have no doubts that our next Duderobe update will be even better.

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