AirBedz Update

AirBedz Air Mattress Update | Shark Tank Season 3

Entrepreneur Jim Pittman pitched his air mattress company during Shark Tank Season 3. AirBedz are custom air mattress, that can be used in truck beds. They’re marketed as a great choice for campers, and those spending a lot of time on the road. With it being such a niche product, will any of the sharks invest in this idea? Find out in our AirBedz update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to AirBedz after Shark Tank!

Jim Pittman appeared on Shark Tank Season 3, and ultimately walked away without a deal. In terms of an AirBedz update, the company is still in business, although Jim expanded it to a bigger brand called Pittman Outdoors. He enjoys an annual revenue that’s estimated to be between $1-$2 million.

Shark: Result:
Barbara Corcoran No offer
Daymond John No offer
Robert Herjavec  No offer
Mark Cuban No offer
Kevin O’Leary No offer

Shark Tank AirBedz Update

AirBedz Update

  • Entrepreneur: Jim Pittman
  • Business: Custom air mattresses for truck beds
  • Ask: $250,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Jim walked into the tank and introduced AirBedz, his custom mattresses for truck beds. Right away, Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary showed skepticism about the product. 

Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Pro3 Full Size Short Truck Bed Air Mattress, Tan - 6-6.5' Long, Built-in DC Air Pump
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However, Jim assured them that the camping industry is in fact, a $56 billion a year industry. This means, there’s plenty of opportunity to make money.

Although, the sharks weren’t sure there was enough demand for it to be a profitable investment. Barbara Corcoran asked how easy it was to pump up, and Jim showed her the convenient inflation and deflation pump, activated with the press of a button.

In terms of sales, the previous year’s sales were $210,000, with $220,000 on track for the current year.

Each mattress cost $50 to $60 to make, and sold in retail for $199 to $209, or to camping stores from between $125 to $145. In terms of what he would do with an investment, Jim said he needed staff.

Robert wanted to know why there was so much inventory in stock, and Jim said he chose it like that.

Kevin thought it was too niche a product, but Robert went to try the product, jumping on it to test it.

Barbara wanted to know about competitors and Jim highlighted that no one else was currently doing built-in pumps. Mark, Kevin, and Daymond John were wary of the issues with widespread appeal.

Despite this, Mark Cuban said he saw the potential for dominating the market, but he was concerned about Jim not dominating it already.

Jim continued to build a hole in front of the sharks, with Mark telling him he wasn’t putting in enough effort. Mark went out, followed by Kevin, who couldn’t get past the niche aspect of the product.

Robert said Jim had yet to prove the viability of the product, and went out.

Daymond went out because he thought the product was still in the testing stage.

Barbara was the only one left, and said she loved the product but was on the fence. She asked about patents and Jim said he had four patents on the mattress.

After that, Barbara offered $250,000 for 50% equity. The other sharks explained why this was a great deal for Jim, but he countered with 25% equity.

Barbara gave him a moment to reconsider, but Jim didn’t back down. She went out, ultimately leaving Jim without a deal.

What do you think came next for Jim following Shark Tank? Keep reading our AirBedz update to find out!

We have good news to share in our AirBedz update. The company is still in business, although Jim has since expanded his company into the larger brand, Pittman Outdoors.

Jim eventually ran into some patent issues, however, those have all been resolved now.

Products are available on Amazon as well as the Pittman Outdoors website. On both retailers, you will find a range of air mattress, along with truck bed and roof top tents, coolers, drinkware, awnings and more!

If we learn anything new about this company, we will certainly let you know. In the meantime, you can check out our other company updates from Season 3 Episode 13, by following the links below!

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