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Ryan Diew is a college athlete who has had problems finding food in airports. When you travel frequently, you have to go through many different airports and they are not all set up the same. He felt he always settled for the closest place to eat, but something he really liked could’ve been very close by without him ever knowing. Do the sharks think this airport app is needed to help people navigate airports? Let’s find out in our Shark Tank Trippie Airport App update and pitch recap.

Shark Tank TrippieUpdate

Trippie Airport App Update

  • Entrepreneur: Ryan Diew
  • Business: An app that helps you navigate airports, especially looking at food items.
  • Ask: $100,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Other than just an airport directory, Trippie could tell users how long TSA wait times are, but it is not set up for that right now. Lori Greiner felt there was a lot of potential with the app, but it was just too early so she dropped out.

Robert Herjavac felt there was not a competitive advantage to the app and dropped out. Guest shark, Rohan Oza agreed with Robert completely and also dropped out. Barbara Corcoran felt it was way too early for Ryan to even be asking for investors and also went out.

Mark Cuban was still in the deal. He understood how hard this was for Ryan, but explained that he just didn’t have anything that was investable. After trying to give Ryan advice, he dropped out.

Ryan started to walk out of the tank, but turned around to tell the sharks, yet again, how hard he had worked. He explained how he was coding on the bus coming back from basketball games, or coding while he was at other student activities. Ryan felt the sharks should invest in him because he is such a hard worker.

The sharks did not change their mind and again told him he does not have a viable product, leaving Ryan in tears.

At the time of this Trippie Airport app update, it is still available on the apple store. There are no recent reviews on the app though, and it has been over a year since the Instagram page has been updated. However, it has grown from four airports to 22 and won a Tech Done Right award in 2018 in Oakland, CA. So, it seems the future is a bit uncertain for Ryan’s company.

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