Shower Pill Update | Shark Tank Season 9

Shower Pill, an alternative product to a typical shower, came onto Season 9 of Shark Tank represented by Justin Forsett, Wale Forrester, and Wendell Hunter. The company was hoping to raise $300,000 in exchange for 10% equity. Let’s see if they managed to secure a deal with any of the sharks before we dive into the Shower Pill update.

Shark Tank Shower Pill Update

Shower Pill Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Justin Forsett, Wale Forrester, and Wendell Hunter
  • Business: Body Wipes
  • Ask: $300,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Shower Pill is a brand that has developed something known as the ‘body wipe’. This solid alternative to showering after an intense workout gives athletes an opportunity to quickly freshen themselves without having to spend a long time taking a shower. The body wipe is simple, convenient, and effective at removing body odors and sweat from your skin.

A single package of the body wipe costs Shower Pill about $.14, while it can be sold for $1 per package. The company has managed to double its sales each year and has an optimistic projection of hitting $2 million in revenue during the following calendar year.

The sharks started to realize that the entrepreneurs were struggling to understand their own finances, which is why Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban dropped out fairly quickly. The remaining sharks all decided to drop out as well without making an offer. Now that we know what happened during the negotiations between Shower Pill and the sharks, let’s transition and take a look at the company to see how it’s been doing.

The Shower Pill update is interesting because the company was rebranded in 2018 to Hustle Clean Body Wipes. The newly branded company made attempts to partner with other investors and managed to raise some cash for the new company. Hustle Clean Body Wipes is still in business in 2022 and is expected to generate more than $2 million in annual revenue during the calendar year.

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