Veba Baby Bottle Monitor Update | Shark Tank Season 15

Entrepreneurs Veon and Sean Brewster pitched their baby-feeding invention during Shark Tank Season 15. Veba is an app with a device that allows parents to monitor the safety of what their baby is drinking. Will they earn a deal with one of the sharks? Find out in our Veba update and pitch recap!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Veba after Shark Tank!

Veon and Sean Brewster appeared on Shark Tank Season 15 but left without a deal. Regarding a Veba update, the company is still in business and received a nice boost in sales after airing on Shark Tank. Products are available on the company website and on Amazon.

Shark: Result:
Mark Cuban No offer
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Lori Greiner No offer
Robert Herjavec No offer
Emma Grede No offer

Shark Tank Veba Update

Veba update

  • Entrepreneurs: Veon and Sean Brewster
  • Business: Bottle monitor
  • Ask: $150,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Veon and Sean, husband and wife, are the founders of Veba. Their company has created a baby bottle monitor that’s changing the way parents feed their babies.

Expiration Tracking
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While breastmilk is liquid gold for babies, it doesn’t last forever. Tired parents may even leave bottles of breastmilk out between feedings and mistakenly give their baby expired milk.

Keeping track of fresh and old milk and even formula can be a headache for parents. That’s why Veon and Sean created Veba, a monitor for bottles that pairs with their app to help parents keep track of their bottles.

The smart monitor can attach to any bottle to track the expiration of the milk or formula. It does this by monitoring the temperature of the milk or formula and sending an alert when it is about to expire.

In terms of shelf life, breast milk can only safely stay at room temperature for 4 hours. In the fridge, it will stay good for 4 days.

However, the catch is that once a baby begins drinking a bottle of breastmilk, causing their saliva to mix with the milk, that bottle is only good for two hours. This is a lot to remember and track for any parent or caretaker, which is where the Veba comes in.

To use the product, you simply set up your app and slip a Veba band on the bottle you will serve to your baby. Then, you tap the button on the band, and the tracking begins as it syncs to the app.

Guest shark Emma Grede states that as a mom of 4 kids, she’s never run into this problem. However, Veon declares that it is a big need in the market, especially for women who are under-producers of milk.

The Veba is also helpful for parents who live in hot climates. Especially when spending time at the playground or if a bottle gets left in the car.

The product retails for $89 for 1 band and costs $45 to manufacture. However, Sean says he can reduce the landed cost by 30%.

At the time of the pitch, the company had just launched five weeks earlier and had reached $3,000 in sales. Additionally, they have 70 users on their app, and their average customer purchases two Veba bands at a time.

The couple has invested $350,000 into the company, including a $300,000 loan they took out on their house.

Veon and Sean intend to use the $150,000 from the sharks to invest in marketing and grow the user base. They already have $178,00 in merchandise on hand, which works out to 2,000 units. They have also received well over $1 million from other investors.

Despite doing a deal with the breastmilk storage company Junobie during Season 13, Emma sticks to her previous point that the product isn’t necessary. She ultimately decides to drop out of the negotiations.

Robert Herjavec agrees with Emma, as he also doesn’t remember there being a problem with breast milk expiring when his twins were babies. For that reason, he goes out next.

Mark Cuban agrees that a mom may see the need for the product. However, he can see it being helpful for a dad. He also encourages the couple to market the product as a baby shower gift rather than directly to moms. That said, Mark goes out next.

At this point, Veba shares that one of the customers’ favorite features of their product is the “Find My Bottle” feature.

Unfortunately for the Brewsters, Kevin O’Leary isn’t moved by this. He believes they aren’t clearly marketing their product, so he goes out, too.

Lori Greiner thinks that new parents would want the product more than second-time parents. However, it’s too early for her to invest, so she also goes out.

Without any offers, the Brewsters are forced to leave the Shark Tank without a deal. Keep reading our Veba update to find out what happens next!

We got an opportunity to talk to Veon for an exclusive Veba update. “We were thrilled to be vetted to present our pitch to the sharks,” Veba told us.

“From launching Veba in August of 2024 and being asked to be on the show in September, it has been a whirlwind experience.”

After airing, Veon told us that Veba received an uptick in customers and tons of support on social media. “We can’t wait to continue sharing Veba with the world and have been so grateful for this opportunity,” she told us.

Despite not getting a deal, things are looking bright for a future Veba update. “We have so much in store for Veba,” Veon teased. “We want to continue to build our community by providing our customers with educational resources and cultivating an open and safe space to learn.”

It looks like Veon and Sean are doing just fine on their own, and we cannot wait to see where our next Veba update takes us!

If you’d like to buy the Veba as a baby gift, you can find it on Amazon and on the Veba website.

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