Dollop Gourmet Frosting Update | Shark Tank Season 7

Heather Saffer, known for winning an edition of Cupcake Wars, wanted to create a delicious frosting that would be all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, and as organic as possible. She wanted everyone to be able to enjoy frosting, and she wanted to be the one at the helm. Will the sharks join the frosting frenzy on Shark Tank Season 7? Read our Dollop Gourmet update to find out.

Shark Tank Dollop Gourmet Update

Dollop Gourmet Update

  • Entrepreneur: Heather Saffer
  • Business: Gourmet, all-natural, vegan frosting
  • Ask: $75,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: $75,000 for 25% equity
  • Shark: Barbara Corcoran

Heather entered Shark Tank Season 7 and presented her success story, Dollop Gourmet. After teaching herself how to bake, Heather experienced a bad business deal that swallowed up all her life savings.

After that, she borrowed money from her parents and created a new bakery. She went on to win first prize on Cupcake Wars and write a cookbook.

Dollop Gourmet was her line of all-natural frosting, another feather for her self-made cap. She treated the sharks to a sample of various flavors of frosting. Mark Cuban described himself as a huge lover of frosting, but they are all taken with the range of flavors.

Kevin O’Leary wanted to know more about the sales. Heather talked about her deals with Wegmans and Meijer, with a healthy presence in both stores. She was also due to have her products at Whole Foods in the near future. 

For that current year, Heather was estimating $200,000 in sales at a 40% margin. The retail price of $6.99 gave the sharks pause. Heather said she was selling the product on Amazon at $12.99, with no complaints from customers about the price.

Robert Herjavec went out because he was not a fan of frosting and couldn’t find the passion for the product. He did state that he admired Heather’s success.

Kevin wanted to bring Heather’s product to his existing brand, Wicked Good Cupcakes. He offered $75,000 at a 33.3% stake. Barbara Corcoran pointed out that it seemed like he was expecting Heather to accept partners sight unseen.

Barbara extended an offer that would involve a partnership with fellow shark Lori Greiner. The deal would be for $75,000 at a 30% stake. She wanted to invest based on her previous success with Daisy Cakes, and she thought Lori could see the product on QVC.

Lori backed out of the potential offer because she didn’t see Dollop Gourmet as a QVC product. She went out and Mark followed because he was worried about how his figure would suffer.

Barbara stated she would keep her offer even without Lori. Following the usual bickering between Kevin and Barbara, Heather asked if Barbara would consider going down to 25%.

Barbara accepted, and Heather walked out of the tank with a deal. Let’s take a look at our Dollop Gourmet update to see what happened after the episode aired.

Our Dollop Gourmet update research found that Heather’s deal with Barbara never came to fruition. Despite this, Dollop Gourmet can be found in numerous stores following the Shark Tank appearance.

The product was acquired by Mimac in 2019, but Heather continues being the face. Check the line out on the Dollop Gourmet website. 

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