Wired Waffles Update

Wired Waffles Update | Season 4

There is no need for morning coffee when you can get your jolt of caffeine from your waffles! Roger Sullivan is changing the way people wake up, with caffeinated waffles! Will he get a deal on Shark Tank Season 4? Find out in our Wired Waffles update!

Shark Tank Wired Waffles Update

Wired Waffles Update

  • Entrepreneur: Roger Sullivan
  • Business: Caffeinated waffles
  • Ask: $75,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Roger brought samples of his energy drink and breakfast snack hybrid, Wired Waffles, for the sharks to taste during Season 4. Unfortunately, it appeared no one enjoyed the taste.

Immediately, Daymond John asked to see the packaging to decipher what made the product effective as an energy supplement, while Robert Herjavec looked for clues why it was dry and tasted bad.

Mark Cuban was the first to ask about sales, only to discover that Roger had not quite gotten the product to market in a real way. In fact, he had only earned $1,000.

Roger tried to illustrate the potential by talking about a major Texas distributor that allegedly was in the process of finalizing a deal worth $140,000, but Kevin O’Leary was too fixated about the waffle having “nothing proprietary” about it.

Meanwhile, Lori Greiner wanted to know how a product with the caffeine equivalent of 3 cups of coffee, would be kept out of the hands of children.

To this, Roger said that his children, his neighbor’s children, and everyone’s children drank energy drinks, so he was not concerned with this potential liability.

This wasn’t good news for anyone. Lori, foreseeing a “liability nightmare” went out immediately. Daymond John was next to go out, stating that energy drinks are quick to grab and go while Wired Waffles require a series of steps to enjoy.

Robert went out next, stating he didn’t see the product becoming successful. Mark, on the other hand, went out because he didn’t like the taste.

This left only Mr. Wonderful, who said he would’ve been on board if Roger had wanted to license his product, but since he didn’t, he was out.

Without any offers from the sharks, Roger was forced to leave Shark Tank Season 4 without a deal, but what happened next? Keep reading our Wired Waffles update to find out!

At first, things looked up for Roger. When the episode aired, everyone wanted to taste the waffle firsthand. Luckily, Roger took the shark’s advice, adjusting the recipe to make it tastier.

In our Wired Waffles update, we found that the exposure brought a deal with a private investor. But in 2015, the company went out of business for unknown reasons.

This will be our final Wired Waffles update.

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