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Manually counting calories can be tedious. It often isn’t correct, especially when you eat foods that don’t have a nutrition label available. Martin Dell’Arciprete presents SmartPlate as an alternative. Cameras and a weight system inside accurately measure calories for most foods, allowing you to keep track of what you eat throughout the day. What will the sharks think of this ‘Fitbit of Plates’ on Shark Tank Season 7? Find out in our SmartPlate update and recap. 

Shark Tank SmartPlate Update

SmartPlate Update

  • Entrepreneur: Martin Dell’Arciprete
  • Business: Plate that calculates calories and other nutrition facts 
  • Ask: $1 million for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Martin came to Shark Tank with a very well-presented pitch about the benefits of using SmartPlate. He wanted $1 million for 15% equity in the company and said that this sensor-based plate can make keeping in shape much easier. Unfortunately, the plate was in the prototype phase – the sharks were clearly unhappy about this. 

He went on to reveal that the plate wouldn’t be able to create a complete nutritional profile due to the difference in oils and other cooking practices. However, the accompanying app allowed customers to analyze foods that the plate couldn’t accurately describe. 

While the plate worked with a set of cameras, the sharks thought it was too much that had to work together. Kevin O’Leary thought an app could do the same thing. He was upset when Martin revealed the price for the plates: $199, which seemed a bit high for the sharks. 

When the sharks began to give their opinions, it was clear what they thought. Daymond John was uncomfortable with the entire pitch, so he went out. Kevin left the deal next, stating that there was no merit to SmartPlate. 

Mark Cuban, on the other hand, didn’t appreciate the reliance on third-party technology. Guest shark Christ Sacca described all the ways this business was set to fail, starting with the technology. Both went out. 

This left Barbara Corcoran in the deal. While Martin attempts to win her over, Barbara tells Martin that his pitch was confusing. She went out, too. This left SmartPlate without a deal. How is the company doing now? Find out in our SmartPlate update.

Our SmartPlate update revealed a long road to what was ultimately a success. Though Martin presented the product to the sharks, the company quietly let him go after the episode aired. An Indigogo campaign followed, which was successful. However, the ship date for the SmartPlate kept changing, until they were finally released in August 2017. 

The company faced many technical problems with the app and the plate’s inherent technology. They overcame these issues slowly. In 2021, the company switched to a subscription model for the plates. You can purchase a plate for $149, with a separate $29 monthly subscription for the app. An annual subscription is also available for $348, which includes a free plate. 

Despite its issues, the company is now thriving with thousands of subscribers and about $1 million in yearly revenue. SmartPlates are available for purchase and subscription at the official website.

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