Jungle Jumparoo Jumping Toy Update | Shark Tank Season 6

Every year, 105,000 kids go to the emergency room due to trampoline injuries.  That’s why husband and wife duo, Rachel and Steve McMurtrey wanted a safer alternative.  Inspired by a jumping toy Rachel had as a child, the pair have created what they believe is the next best thing to hit the toy market.  Will the sharks agree in Shark Tank Season 6? Find out in our Jungle Jumparoo update!

Shark Tank Jungle Jumparoo Update

Jungle Jumparoo Update

  • Entrepreneurs:  Rachel McMurtrey and Steve McMurtrey
  • Business: Jumping toy, trampoline alternative
  • Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Rachel and Steve brought a whole crew of kids into the tank, to show off their fun jumping toy, the Jungle Jumparoo. They explained that this is a safer alternative to trampolines, which cause too many injuries for kids.  With strong metal bars, kids could grip on while they jumped, rather than free falling when they landed.  Some of the sharks however were still concerned about potential safety issues.

As the sharks became interested in numbers, so Rachel and Steve told the sharks that they had spent $144,000 of their own money to start the company. At the time of the filming, they had absolutely no debt at all. This was an impressive position to be in.

When asked about sales,  Steve shared that the company had sold 1,200 units in the year since launching the business.  They offered two differed size models to suit different age ranges. Their smaller product sells for $249.00 while the bigger one sells for $399.00.

Lori Greiner thought that it would be very difficult for the product to sell to large numbers of people, due to a variety of challenges that come with marketing and finding the right customers. She was the first shark to drop out. Mark Cuban had some concerns with the design of the product. He believed that it was too dangerous and that kids could get injured, so he dropped out next.

Robert Herjavec expressed that he was just not excited about the product because his family loves their trampoline, so he dropped out.  Kevin O’Leary went out next. Daymond John was the last shark to go out, over his concerns about finances and partnership. What happened next for this company? Keep reading our Jungle Jumparoo update to find out!

We have great news to share! Research for our Jungle Jumparoo update revealed that the company has managed to stay in business since the show aired. They are currently generating a little under $4 million per year in gross revenue. You can check out their products and get your own Jumparoo on the Jungle Jumparoo website.

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