Ryan’s Barkery Dog Treats Update | Season 4

11-year old Ryan Kelly, and his mother Daniela, have a line of all natural dog treats. Will they earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 4? Find out in our Ryan’s Barkery update!

Shark Tank Ryan’s Barkery Update

Ryan's Barkery Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Ryan and Daniela Kelly
  • Business: All natural dog treats
  • Ask: $25,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: $25,000 for 25% equity
  • Shark: Barbara Corcoran

Mark Cuban couldn’t believe his eyes when Ryan, his mother Daniela, and their dog Barkley walked onto the tank. Ryan delivered a pitch sharing how he was not happy with the artificial dog treats that dominated the market. That’s why he created his own line of all natural treats called Ryan’s Barkery. Daniela then finished the presentation, telling the sharks that their capital could help them develop a website, and sell treats from a commercial kitchen.

Ryan handed out samples for the sharks to see, smell, and taste, if they liked. Robert Herjavec was surprised to hear they were human-grade but, as all natural treats, it used ingredients that humans eat every day.

Robert asked where the treats were made. Ryan said they were making them at home in the kitchen. Barbara Corcoran asked if he was baking at night after homework, but Ryan said he was waking up at 5 AM everyday to bake. Barbara asked if he had any siblings to help out. Ryan shared that his older brother Nick helped sometimes.

Kevin O’Leary asked if there were any sales, and Ryan said they sold 200 bags at $4 per bag. Mark asked how much it cost to produce each bag, and Ryan answered it cost $0.36. Barbara asked if Ryan had tried growing the business further. Ryan told a story about taking the product to the supermarket to sell. Meanwhile, Robert was busy tempting Barkley over with a treat.

Daniela said the supermarket was receptive but she personally felt it would be better to “take out the middleman” and sell directly to dog owners instead. Robert asked how Ryan was getting sales, all while holding Barkley on his lap and scratching his ears. Ryan said they did sell treats at community events, lacrosse practices, and more.

Kevin asked if there were any repeat sales. Ryan said they did get repeat customers, as the label shared their business phone number allowing for customers to find them again. Barbara asked how much money had been invested in Ryan’s Barkery so far. Ryan said his mom had given him $200 to get started.

Mark asked if Ryan’s Barkery had turned a profit, and Ryan said that it had. With this in mind, Mark asked why Ryan didn’t pay his mother back. Ryan said he was busy baking all the time, but he did give his mom some money from his sales to make good on the “loan.”

Robert asked where he saw Ryan’s Barkery going. Ryan said he envisioned the product being sold in stores and online from a store website as well. Robert then joked that “Mr. Cuban” would tell Ryan he had to quit school right now and be a full-time businessman if he was to succeed.

Mark chimed and said, joking aside, he started his first business when he was 12-years-old selling garbage bags. He saw himself in young Ryan, but reminded him that $25,000 is a lot of money and with that comes great responsibility. He said it would be very difficult for him to put the money to work while still keeping school as his primary focus. While he was impressed with the young entrepreneur, Mark was out.

Robert, on the other hand, said he couldn’t even conceive of starting a business at 11-years-old. He started his business much later in life when he was fired from his job and needed a way to make ends meet. Robert said Ryan’s Barkery wasn’t right for him to invest, but he had a feeling he’d see Ryan down the line and would hopefully still be around to invest then. However, Robert was out for now.

Daymond John too recounted his childhood, sharing how the neighborhood rappers and gangsters laughed at his dream to be a fashion designer. Nonetheless, he persevered and eventually succeeded. He asked Ryan what his friends thought of Ryan’s Barkery, and Ryan answered that they were probably “jealous” now that he was on Shark Tank. Daymond agreed.

Kevin applauded that he got on Shark Tank at 11-years-old, but thought Ryan’s Barkery was a hobby and not a business. He said Ryan had a long road ahead and wished him good luck, but Mr. Wonderful was out.

Barbara didn’t mince words. Immediately, she said she wanted to give him exactly what he was asking for– $25,000 for 25% equity. In her opinion, she thought it could be a good business and in a relatively short time.

Ryan seemed excited, but Daymond urged Ryan to remember Mark’s advice and keep in mind that accepting Barbara’s deal meant he would need to sell $150,000 of cookies to pay Barbara back. Barbara then said he wouldn’t have to worry about paying her back until his 13th birthday.

Daymond said that he didn’t want to dissuade Ryan from taking the offer, and that Barbara was being “very generous.” However, he felt it important that Ryan understand the responsibility of accepting an investment. Daymond felt Ryan would be fine without the investment and, for that reason, he was out.

After a brief pause, Ryan happily accepted Barbara’s offer and the deal was done. Ryan got exactly what he asked for, but did Ryan’s Barkery make it big after the tank? Keep reading our Ryan’s Barkery update to find out!

Immediately, sales skyrocketed, and Ryan’s Barkery was rolled out in more than thirty stores. Operations were moved from Daniela’s kitchen to a co-packer as well. In an update segment in Season 5, Ryan revealed the company had rebranded itself as Ryan’s Ruffery. The company became wildly successful, but it would soon come to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, Daniela suffered a stroke, and in late 2018, she passed away. Following her passing, the company shut down, so this will be our final Ryan’s Barkery update.

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