Hot Mama Hospital Gowns Update | Shark Tank Season 2

If you are an expectant mother, you might already be aware of the shortcomings of hospital gowns and maternity wear. Because of this, Deidrea Haysel, has created comfortable and luxurious maternity wear perfect for use in hospitals. Will she get a deal on Shark Tank Season 2? Find out in our Hot Mama Gowns update!

Shark Tank Hot Mama Gowns Update

Hot Mama Gowns update

  • Entrepreneur: Deidrea Haysel
  • Business: Luxury maternity gowns 
  • Ask: $30,000 for 20% stake
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Deidrea brings her company, Hot Mama Gowns, to Shark Tank Season 2, Episode 6. Because of her own experience with maternity wear in hospitals, she became inspired to create her own line.

Sharing her story, she says that when she gave birth, she felt humiliated by the ill fitting hospital gown. Due to the poor design of the gowns, she felt exposed and uncomfortable.

This was upsetting to her, because giving birth is a beautiful experience. Instead, she felt self-conscious, and swore to do something to change the awful hospital gowns for women giving birth.

Hot Mama Gowns are flattering, and made using soft, organic fabrics. They’re also designed to accommodate breastfeeding, an IV, and blood pressure cuffs.

Because the maternity industry is worth $4.5 billion, she is confident that there is great opportunity for a shark to join her company.

In the 3 years that Hot Mama Gowns has been in business, its total sales are $11,500. The sharks are taken aback by this, considering her valuation, but she reminds them that she has no debt.

At this point in the pitch, Deidrea passes around samples. When Barbara Corcoran asks what they retail for, Deidrea says that the cost is high because she has to make them in small quantities. 

The gowns retail for $119, plus the cost of the custom box and packaging, which total an additional $49. This news is shocking to the sharks.

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The sharks are taken with Deidrea’s sales skills, but don’t think she is answering their questions. Further, they don’t think she is   aware of the real costs of growing the business.

Kevin O’Leary goes out, because he thinks that growing the business will be too much work.

Barbara wants to know if Deidrea is open to making the product one-size-fits-all, however she isn’t sure about that idea.

Daymond John goes out, because he doesn’t think Deidrea will learn.

Kevin Harrington chimes in to say that he’s worried he’ll have to carry the load, and Deidra only offers part-time toward the company.

Robert Herjavec says she is a great sales rep, but not a mature business person. For these reasons, he is out next.

Kevin H. follows out, stating it’s too risky.

This leaves Barbara as the last shark in, but she has reservations about having Deidrea as a partner. Basically, she doesn’t think that Deidrea is open-minded, so this turns her off.

The sharks’ feedback brings Deidrea to tears. At this point, Barbara tests Deidrea’s open-mindedness, with an offer of $30,000 for 40% equity in Hot Mama Gowns.

Deidrea says the stakes are too high. With that, Barbara goes out, and Deidrea leaves Shark Tank without a deal.

Do you think the company thrived regardless? Keep reading our Hot Mama Gowns update to find out!

Our Hot Mama Gowns update shows that Deidrea continued to have the company as a side hustle until 2013. That is when the business closed down.

Unfortunately, this will be our final Hot Mama Gowns update.

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