Fairytale Wishes Aromatherapy Bedroom Spray Update | Shark Tank Season 5

Some little kids are scared of the dark, believing there are monsters under their bed at night. That’s why Debbie Glickman created an aromatherapy bedroom spray for her kids, promising them it would keep the monsters away. Will she find the sweet smell of success on Shark Tank Season 5? Find out in our Fairytale Wishes update! 

Shark Fairytale Wishes Update

Fairytale Wishes Update

  • Entrepreneur: Debbie Glickman
  • Business: Children’s bedroom aromatherapy sprays
  • Ask: $35,000 for 33% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Debbie brought her Fairytale Wishes products to the tank. Her company makes aromatherapy sprays for that help kids feel safe at night. In her pitch, she shared that when her son was a little boy, he couldn’t sleep. So, she bought some lavender pillow spray, and sprayed it in his bedroom, telling him it would keep bad dreams away. It seemed to work, and Debbie thought she was on to something.  

Debbie started creating and selling her own scented fragrances to other parent, and she was even able to sell the sprays at Bed Bath & Beyond for a short time. After four years in business, she was hoping to win the investment and help of a shark.

When asked about the numbers, she shared that each 4 oz. unit costs $2.16 to make and retails for $9.99. She had underwhelming sales of just $5,500 in the year prior to filming. Kevin O’Leary commented that her production cost too much.

As the criticism rolled in, Debbie defended her company, telling Mark Cuban that Bed Bath & Beyond sold out of her product three times in one month before discontinuing it. However, she admitted that she wasn’t good at the sales end of things, and needed helpful advice. Kevin advised her that if it had been performing as well as it should have, they wouldn’t have stopped selling it in the first place, and he eventually went out.

Barbara Corcoran suggested Debbie go back to the drawing board and switch up her sales tactics with her sprays, but said she didn’t want to be the one to help Debbie freshen up her product, so she too was out. Debbie started to tell the sharks that she was thinking about calling Disney and pitching her sprays, but when Robert Herjavec asked Debbie if she had called them, she said no. Robert told Debbie that she needed to come up with a timeline to better motivate her to go after her goals, and since it didn’t sound like she knew what those were, he was also out.

Along the same lines, but a bit more tactfully, Lori Greiner told Debbie that she wasn’t working hard enough for her goals, and she was the final shark to drop out. Without any offers from the sharks, Debbie was forced to leave the tank without a deal. What happened next for her company? Keep reading our Fairytale Wishes update to find out! 

We have sad news to report in our Fairytale Wishes update. The room sprays were sold for a while through the e-commerce site Zulily, and various other online retailers. However, the product is no longer available. With no company website to be found, it appears to be out of business. This will be our final Fairytale Wishes update.

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