Kalyx Technologies Update

Kalyx Technologies Sports Bras Update | Shark Tank Season 1

Millions of women suffer from breast pain due to exercise and lack of proper support. That’s why Kimberly Cayce created a sports bra to solve this problem. Will her company earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 1? Find out in our Kalyx Technologies update! 

Shark Tank Kalyx Technologies Update

Kalyx Technologies Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Kimberly Cayce
  • Business: Sports bras
  • Ask: $125,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Kimberly entered Shark Tank Season 1 with a crew of women modeling her Kalyx Technologies sports bras. With 8 bras in her line, each one is engineered to work with a woman’s body depending on the type of activity she enjoys.

She says they are not only fashionable and flattering but functional too. The sharks initially realized that Kimberly’s implied valuation was $600,000. This was concerning especially once she admitted that the company was currently pre-sales.

Due to this fact alone, they were very skeptical about the risks and whether any sort of investment would be worth it. With over $100,000 of her own money invested, it would be difficult for the sharks to get their return quickly.

Kevin Harrington said there was too much competition, so he went out first. Barbara Corcoran felt that an investment would be too risky, so she went out next.

Daymond John and Robert Herjavec believed that it was too early to invest, so they both went out. Kevin O’Leary said the company was not investable, so he was the final shark to drop out.

With no offers from the sharks, Kimberly was forced to leave Shark Tank Season 1 without a deal. So what happened next for her company? Keep reading our Kalyx Technologies update to find out!

We have interesting news to share in our Kalyx Technologies update. The company experienced success and market demand after airing on Shark Tank and were acquired by ActiveWearUSA in 2012 for an undisclosed amount of money.

While this will be our final Kalyx Technologies update, we are incredibly happy for Kimberly!

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