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Kristi Ison, a certified infant massage instructor, started her infant spas to help improve the strength and development of infants. Her spas include a float and splash session – complete with a float collar to keep them afloat – and a quick massage session. Her single spa location was doing well, but she needed help expanding her business. What will the sharks think of her baby spa on Shark Tank Season 7? Keep reading our Float Baby update to find out.

Shark Tank Float Baby Update

Float Baby Update

  • Entrepreneur: Kristi Ison
  • Business: Baby floating classes to improve strength and development
  • Ask: $150,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

During her pitch, Kristi compared weekly exercise for adults to the cognitive and physical benefits of doing the same for infants. She explained her Float Baby spa program, which allowed for increased blood flow, strength, and better development all around. The sharks laughed when she showed the video of babies floating in the tub with collars to keep their heads up. 

In response to Mark Cuban’s question about how these claims are proven, Kristi cites an Australian study showing better growth and development for babies in water programs. The concept, she said, started in Japan.

She has a patent on the cover for the float ring. Each session at her spa is $65 and weekly sessions are ideal. The money, she said, would go towards larger tubs for the babies to float in. 

During her first year, the spa did $44,000, with a projected $60,000 in the year of filming. The sharks began to weigh in after hearing the sales numbers. Mark would have liked to see more from Kristi, including more of a grind. He went out.

Chris Sacca didn’t see the point and went out, too. Barbara Corcoran agreed with Mark – Kristi didn’t have the energy and needed a salesperson. She went out, also. 

Kevin O’Leary was surprisingly convinced about the benefits of her product but didn’t know why she didn’t just sell the donut itself. Ultimately, Kristi and Float Baby walked out of the tank without a deal. Find out where the company is now in the rest of our Float Baby update. 

Just like the sharks predicted, Float Baby has a local following rather than a national presence. Our Float Baby update estimates that the company is doing $1.8 million in annual revenue at her one retail location, with no further plans to branch into home-use items or expand to other spas. 

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