YoNo Clip Update

YoNo Clip Update | Shark Tank Season 12

It can be cumbersome to be out and about, with nowhere to place your belongings besides the ground. That’s why Michael Green and Bob Mackey created a clip that suctions to any surface. Will they get a deal on Shark Tank Season 12? Find out in our YoNo Clip update!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to YoNo Clip after Shark Tank!

YoNo Clip appeared on Shark Tank Season 12 and left with a deal from Daymond John for $150,000 for 30% equity. In terms of a YoNo Clip update, the company is still in business and has an estimated annual revenue of $400,000.

Shark:  Result:
Daymond John Accepted a deal of $150,000 for 30% equity
Kevin O’Leary No Offer
Lori Greiner No Offer
Barbara Corcoran No Offer
Mark Cuban No Offer

Shark Tank YoNo Clip Update

YoNo Clip Update

  • Entrepreneur: Michael Green and Bob Mackey
  • Business: Clip to keep personal items off of the ground
  • Ask: $150,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: $150,000 for 30% equity
  • Shark: Daymond John

During the YoNo Clip pitch on Shark Tank Season 12, Michael and Bob showcased their product to the sharks. The clip is a solution to keep your personal belongings off of the floor, and also free from germs.

The product started as an idea on Kickstarter. Then, after it was successfully funded, the entrepreneurs got to work on turning the idea into a business.

Michael and Bob were quick to point out that the YoNo Clip is different from a tabletop hanger for a bag. Their clip is able to stick to the sides of tables, walls, and other non-porous surfaces.

At the time of their pitch, YoNo Clip had been selling products for two months, with only $4,500 in sales. Currently, the clip retails for $20 and costs $10 to make.

Michael and Bob eventually shared that if they could get a deal with the sharks, they’d certainly be able to reduce their costs and increase profit margins.

They are currently assembling the clips by hand. However, with an investment, they’d be able to purchase molds and could increase production.

This would also bring the cost of the clip down to $5.

Barbara Corcoran was the first to drop out. She said that she felt the market was too crowded and saw it as more of a side hustle.

Mark Cuban felt that it was going to be too difficult to sell and dropped out.

Kevin O’Leary was interested but had already invested in a similar company on Shark Tank called Deskview. So he was out.

Lori Greiner felt that it wasn’t unique enough and dropped out.

Thankfully, the unique innovation of the product and the overall character of Michael and Bob were ultimately enough to interest Daymond John, who offered $150,000 for 30% equity.

After thinking about it for a few minutes, Michael and Bob finally accepted the offer.

Keep reading our YoNo Clip update to find out what happened following their time in the tank!

Our YoNo Clip update research found that the company is still in business, with an estimated annual revenue of $400,000. However, it seems that it hasn’t grown much since Shark Tank.

Michael and Bob shared that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company ran into some supply chain issues. During that time, a lot of knockoffs appeared on the market.

Further, the social media channels for YoNo Clip haven’t been updated since February 2021.

However, products are currently in stock on the YoNo Clip website. The clips are available in pink and red.

So, while we don’t have much exciting news for our YoNo Clip update, it does seem that the company is still in business. However, as Barbara predicted, it seems to be more of a side hustle than a full-time gig.

If we get a more official YoNo Clip update, we’ll be sure to update this article. For more product updates from Season 12 Episode 12, be sure to check out the links below.

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