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Besomebody founder, Kash Shaikh, entered a room full of hungry sharks back in 2016 during the show’s eighth season asking for $1 million for 10% of his social media app. However, despite trying his hardest to pitch them his idea of selling experiences, Kash would end up walking away with no deal. Yet, despite his failure to get a deal, Kash and Besomebody have become quite successful. Just how successful? Find out in our Besomebody update.

Shark Tank Besomebody Update

Besomebody Update Shark Tank

  • Entrepreneur: Kash Shaikh
  • Business: Social experience marketplace
  • Ask: $1,000,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Kash Shaikh took no time making an impression on the sharks when he entered with Ninja Warrior star, Travis Bruer, Bollywood dancers, and even Olympic soccer champ, Christine Lily. During the demo, each of them demonstrated their respective skills in an attempt to sell an “experience” to one of the sharks in an effort to demonstrate how the Besomebody app worked.

After the demonstration, Barbara Corcoran asked Kash about the business model. Kash explained that Besomebody takes 20% of the cost whenever someone books an experience through the app, saying that the average experience cost roughly around $40. Kash also added that he had trademarked his own hashtag, #besomebody, which had 5 million followers at the time, and that he’d already organized 2,000 meet-ups.

Unfortunately for Kash, his presentation was all downhill after the demonstration. Despite making quite an impression, none of the sharks seemed all too impressed with his idea or how he presented himself.

Mark Cuban was the first to go out, after getting in an argument with Kash. Barbara went even further as to call Kash abrasive before going out herself. Robert Herjavec followed suit, saying that he simply doesn’t understand how the business worked. As for Lori Greiner, she saw Besomebody as just another app doomed to fail and went out.

The last sharks to go out were Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary. The former stepped out after expressing his concern about potential liability issues. Meanwhile, Kevin went out simply because Kash couldn’t sell the idea to the five other sharks that were with him.

So, if all six sharks out, you’d probably expect a short Besomebody update. However, that’s not the case. In 2017, Kash sold the experience marketplace app to another Denver-based company before relocating and pivoting his focus towards providing people with the necessary skills to land jobs.

Within a month of making the sale, Besoembody has become profitable. Perhaps more importantly, this led Kash to partner with Fortune 500 companies like Kroger and Microsoft. Since airing on Shark Tank, Besomebody and Kash have provided thousands of Americans throughout the country with jobs by utilizing the company’s in-person training programs known as the Besomebody Paths.

Throughout the years, Besebomdy has expanded the services that it offers and has started providing training in business strategy, marketing, and company culture. In 2019, Besomebody had made $20 million in annual revenue with Entrepreneur Magazine naming it as one of America’s top private companies.

That’s pretty much it for our Besomebody update. This just goes to show that one small stumble is not enough to keep a determined person down.

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