Sunscreen Mist Update | Shark Tank Season 6

Nobody wants a sunburn, that’s why Tony Wayne and Josh Kaplan have come up with an idea for sunscreen mist machines. Customers can conveniently get protected from burns while they’re at the pool or beach. Will they earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 6? Find out in our Sunscreen Mist update! 

Shark Tank Sunscreen Mist Update

Sunscreen Mist Update

  • Entrepreneurs:  Tony Fayne and Josh Kaplan
  • Business: Sunscreen misting machines
  • Ask: $400,000 for 15% equity
  • Result:  No deal
  • Sharks:  None

Tony and Josh brought their Sunscreen Mist machines to the tank. They claim to have the first machines that apply the FDA recommended amount of sunscreen and the process takes just seconds. They carry 2 models, a handheld spraying system and a stand inside booth. They claim that most people don’t apply sunscreen correctly and their machines solve this problem.

A single sunscreen ‘misting’ machine costs between $6,990.00 and $31,000.00, depending on the model. Their units are purchased by hotels mainly, to be placed near pools and beaches. The company has generated about $300,000 in the few months prior to filming. Barabara Corcoran and Robert Herjevec felt that the company’s business model was too complicated, so they were the first sharks to drop out. Mark Cuban thought that the guys were exaggerating their answers, so he went out next.

Lori Greiner didn’t see enough proof of concept and Kevin O’Leary just wasn’t interested, so they both went out as well. With no offers from the sharks, Tony and Josh had to leave the tank without a deal. Keep reading our Sunscreen Mist update to find out what happened next!

We have good news to report in our Sunscreen Mist update! It turns out that the company has redeveloped their machines and can be found in nearly 2 dozen locations around North America. They bring in an estimated $1-2 million in yearly gross revenue. You can find out more about their products on the Sunscreen Mist website.

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