Dog Threads Pet Shirts Update | Shark Tank Season 11

Pet clothes can be so tacky, but sometimes owners want to dress the same as their pet for a cute picture or wacky walk. Dog Threads allows you to do that. With a whole line of modern, smart pet apparel (and matching human apparel), founders Scott and Gina Davis believe their company is going places. Will the sharks find the fun in this clothing brand during Shark Tank Season 11? Find out in our pitch recap and Dog Threads update.

Shark Tank Dog Threads Update

Dog Threads Update

  • Entrepreneur: Scott and Gina Davis
  • Business: Matching dog and human shirts
  • Ask: $250,000 for 17% equity
  • Result: $250,000 for 25% equity
  • Shark: Mark Cuban

Scott and Gina Davis start their pitch with a revelation: their fun, fresh clothing brand has been worn by some of the most famous influencers, dogs! They bring in a host of dogs, all wearing patterned button-down shirts. It’s a cute pitch that’s effective in showing off their product.

They passed out samples (unfortunately, Daymond John did not get to keep the tiny dog as his ‘sample’). Robert Herjavec tried on the same shirt as the smallest puppy, prompting lots of laughs. Despite the adorable idea, the sharks were on the fence about it Dog Threads.

Gina revealed that they wanted to create quality clothes for their ‘firstborn’ dog, Thomas. Her background in a women’s clothing line helped her get started and since 2014, they’ve done $465,000 in sales. Still, they say they only started doing this full-time recently and the year before filming, they did $196,000 in sales.

Mark Cuban thought that they could do well with licensing, and he was intrigued with the business. Lori didn’t think it was right for her, so she went out. Daymond and Robert were out as well—both don’t see the need to dress up their dogs.

Mark is the first to make an offer, $250,000 for a 30% stake. Kevin O’Leary wanted to make them an offer, but Mark said that if they hear Kevin’s offer, he would pull his. When Mark makes this claim, it usually works in his favor and this time was no different. Scott and Gina decided not to listen to Kevin’s deal, and instead tried to haggle Mark down to a 25% stake.

Mark was against this at first, but the Davises say they wanted some of the company left for their son, who was turning one today. With this, Mark agreed to drop his stake to 25%. Was this a good investment for Mark? Did they ever get the licensing deal? Find out in our Dog Threads update.

Dog Threads seems to be doing well after Shark Tank. They have added T-shirts to their product line, as well as harnesses and leashes with cute designs and patterns. They have matching holiday sweaters and pajamas as well.

In our Dog Threads update, we found that they are apparently doing $365,000 per year since appearing on Shark Tank. Their expansion and online presence are evidence that they have succeeded with their unique take on dog outfits. There doesn’t appear to be any licensing deals appearing yet, but perhaps we’ll see Mavericks shirts soon!

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