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Weddings are a huge expense, especially when it comes to the popular tiered cakes that many bride’s and grooms want.  That’s why mother and son duo, Kimberly and Koray Aya, came up with their wedding cake rental business. What will the sharks think of their savvy concept on Shark Tank Season 6? Find out in our FunCakes update!

Shark Tank FunCakes Update

FunCakes Update

  • Entrepreneurs:  Kimberly Aya and Koray Aya
  • Business: Wedding cake rentals
  • Ask: $285,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Kimberly and Koray told the sharks that they don’t produce real cakes for weddings, but they offer an affordable alternative that is much cheaper. Their beautiful, tiered FunCakes look just like real cakes but don’t cost anywhere near as much.

While the outside is covered in gum paste, the inside is actually foam.  There’s even a hidden compartment that allows the bride and groom to still cut their cake.

During the time of filming, Kimberly and Koray had already been in business for a little over seven years. The previous year they had $150,000 in sales, with a gross profit of $76,000.

Kimberly and Koray paid themselves $17,000 in net income. The sharks were put off by these numbers and unimpressed.

As they were struggling to convince the sharks that FunCakes was worth the investment, Lori Greiner was the first to drop out because she liked real cake.

Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary dropped out quickly after with additional concerns about the company’s concept and earnings.

Robert Herjavec was too concerned with the numbers to make an offer so he was out next. Barbara Corcoran thought the concept was clever but didn’t trust Kimberly or Koray based on their lack of success during their seven years of business.

Will all the sharks out, FunCakes had to leave Shark Tank Season 6 without a deal.  What became of this cake rental business after? Keep reading our FunCakes update to find out!

Research for our FunCakes update revealed some good news! This company has managed to stay in business over the years and has received exceptional media attention after airing on Shark Tank Season 6.

During covid, they switched from cake rentals to a different business model, selling the cakes outright instead. You can view and purchase their fake cakes on the FunCakes company website.

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