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Mattresses are one of the places we spend a lot of time, but it’s also one of the only things in your home that you don’t clean. Michael Ingle created Clean Sleep, a quick mattress-cleaning machine, and service, to fix this. The process can even kill bed bugs! What will the sharks think of this squeaky-clean idea on Shark Tank Season 7? The rest of our Clean Sleep update will fill you in. 

Shark Tank Clean Sleep Update

Clean Sleep Update

  • Entrepreneur: Michael Ingle
  • Business: Mobile mattress cleaning business
  • Ask: $1.5 million for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Michael pitched his business, Clean Sleep, by telling the sharks all about how dirty mattresses are. He then revealed his cleaning machine, which can clean a mattress in just 15 minutes. The machine used a combination of UV light, steam, and power vacuums to leave each mattress squeaky clean and, in some cases, stain-free. 

According to Michael, residential mattresses should be cleaned every six months. Clean Sleep had 30 hotel customers at the time of filming, where they cleaned and sanitized mattresses instead of replacing them. 

When he told the sharks that each cleaning only cost $89.95, they were amazed. Kevin O’Leary thought it was too cheap for something so vital. Clean Sleep had two trucks – each equipped with a mattress cleaning machine for mobile residential cleaning – and each made $100,000 per year. 

The sharks were similarly impressed when Michael told them of his engineering background. He said he taught himself the trade and landed a job at Boeing, which brought him to this point today. 

When the sharks started to weigh in on the business, things got a little dicey. Mark Cuban would rather see either another truck or a program to lease machines to hospitals. Since Michael wasn’t having the same vision for the company, Mark was out. Robert Herjavec wanted more solutions for expanding, so he went out too. 

Barbara Corcoran thought it was too early, so she went out. Lori Greiner agreed that it was a genius concept, but a return would take a long time. Kevin, similarly, didn’t want to spend the money to find out it wasn’t worth it. With all sharks out, Michael didn’t manage to get a deal. Read the rest of our Clean Sleep update to find out where the company is now.

While Michael walked away without a deal, research for our Clean Sleep update revealed that he ended up using the shark’s advice to help his business. He updated his website to be more transparent about the service. As Michael anticipated, hotels have been their #1 revenue stream. In 2021, Clean Sleep reported $2.7 million in revenue. 

You can learn more about Clean Sleep and its services on the official website.

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