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Kymera Body Boards was the third product featured during Shark Tank Season 10 Episode 21. The company was seeking a $250,000 investment in exchange for 5% equity. Founder Jason Woods is not a stranger to the tank and has already brought a product into Shark Tank once before, let’s see how the negotiations went before we shift our focus to the Kymera Body Boards update.

Shark Tank Kymera Body Boards Update

Kymera Body Boards Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Jason Woods and Adam Majewski
  • Business: Watercraft
  • Ask: $250,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: $500,000 for 10% equity
  • Sharks: Robert Herjavec

It’s extremely rare for an entrepreneur to come back onto Shark Tank after being rejected by the sharks previously for a product. In this case, Jason is hoping that the second time around goes better than the first time. After showing the sharks a quick demonstration video of his product in action, he’s hoping that Kymera Body Boards intrigues the sharks enough to invest $250,000 of their own money.

Jason told the sharks that it costs him about $1,800 to manufacture a single unit, while he can sell it to customers at a price point of $3,500. It didn’t take long for Kevin O’Leary to raise concerns about the product’s margins. Jason and Adam tried to get the attention of the sharks by telling them that the company has more than $300,000 in sales, year to date. In addition, optimistic financial projections suggest that the company could reach the $2 million milestone in the same year.

Kevin made one of his famous royalty deals to Jason. He offered $250,000 for 5% equity, but he also wanted $500 per unit sold until he got three times his money back. Daymond John also made an offer of $250,000 for 10% equity. Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban decided to drop out without making an offer. Robert Herjavec shocked the entrepreneurs by offering $500,000 for 10% equity. The pair quickly agreed to Robert’s offer.

Now, let’s get a Kymera Body Boards update to see how the company has been doing since appearing on Shark Tank during Season 10.

Sadly, it appears that Robert never finalized his offer with Kymera after the episode aired. The good news is that the company is doing fairly well. With more than $5 million in sales annually, Kymera Body Boards has been successfully growing and the product can be purchased online on the company’s official website.

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