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Sean Riley, Ryan Meegan, and Jeff Klimkowski sought to fill a gap in the market. Dude Wipes, and their other Dude Products, were the first sanitary wipes marketed for men. They sold out of their first run and had their first national deal with Kroger just before filming on Shark Tank Season 7. The company is already a proven success, but which shark wants in on this deal? Keep reading our Dude Products update to find out.

Shark Tank Dude Products Update

Dude Products update

  • Entrepreneurs: Sean Riley, Ryan Meegan, Jeff Klimkowski
  • Business: Sanitary wipes for dudes
  • Ask: $300,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $300,000 for 25% equity
  • Shark: Mark Cuban

This trio delivered a great pitch that perfectly explained their Dude Products. Their wipes were safe to use in all ‘dude regions’ and were sold right in the toilet paper aisle, as they were meant to be a supplement for toilet paper. 

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The sharks liked their samples, but Barbara Corcoran said they were too fragile. Meanwhile, Kevin O’Leary asked for sales – $300,000 year to date, with a projection of about $1.5 million in sales for the year, including a deal with Kroger. 

Mark Cuban thought they needed a lot more marketing money, so he went out. Barbara didn’t believe that men bought toilet paper, and lamented that Dude Wipes were not marketed as something women should buy for their husbands. She went out, too. 

The remaining sharks – Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin – all disliked their valuation. Still, there were offers on the table. Robert offered $300,000 for 25%. Kevin offered the same. Lori hated the valuation enough to go out. 

The trio countered for $300,000 for 20% and asked Robert and Kevin to go into a deal together. However, both sharks said they couldn’t do that. They held firm at 30% for both sharks. Just as they are about to accept a deal, Robert adjusted his offer to $300,000 for 27.5%. 

Mark didn’t like where this was going. He jumped back in, offering $300,000 for 25%. All three dudes readily accepted the deal, and it wasn’t a mistake. Let’s see where one of the most successful products on Shark Tank is now in our Dude Products update. 

Dude Products are not slowing down! A recent update segment in Season 13 revealed that they’ve moved to a 200,000-square-foot warehouse. Dude Wipes are in all the large retailers across the country and are currently the 2nd most popular hygiene wipe in the US.

This Dude Products update segment revealed new lifetime revenue of over $120 million, with sales of up to $1.4 million per week. 

You can find Dude Wipes and other popular Dude Products in Walmart, Target, and Amazon. You can also purchase from the Dude Products website.

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