Pavlok Buzzer Watch Update | Shark Tank Season 7

Many of us have bad habits that we just can’t break. Luckily, Maneesh Sethi created Pavlok, a buzzer watch that sends a low-intensity electrical shock when a bad habit is being performed. Will the sharks be a-buzz about this idea on Shark Tank Season 7? Read our Pavlok update to see what happens.

Shark Tank Pavlok Update

Pavlok Update

  • Entrepreneur: Maneesh Sethi
  • Business: Buzzer watch to help correct bad habits
  • Ask: $500,000 for 3.14% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Maneesh entered Shark Tank Season 7 and immediately made the sharks laugh with the premise of the Pavlok. From the beginning, he attempted to make the science of the product apparent, but mostly wasn’t able to convince the sharks about its veracity.

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After introducing the watch, he gave the sharks samples and tested the different intensities of shocks on them. The more intense one made them all jump and made Kevin O’Leary swear. Robert Herjavec wanted to know more about how the buzzer used the Pavlovian concept to help him break his nail-biting habit, for example. 

Maneesh showed several studies that dealt with the effects of aversion therapy, not with the effects of the watch. Mark Cuban was unimpressed and called Maneesh a con artist, especially after Maneesh stated that the product would not work if he the user didn’t believe in it.

Kevin wanted to know about the $16 million valuation. Maneesh said that he’d had over $800,000 in sales from pre-orders and prototypes. There hadn’t yet been extensive market research. Each unit was being sold for $200.

Mark said he thought aversion therapy was legit, but none of the studies were focused on the effects of the watch. Lori agreed that there was no proof because there was no testing and she went out.

Barbara Corcoran said the presentation was exhausting and too complicated and went out. Robert said he liked it at the start but not the valuation based on pre-orders. He went out.

Mark said if he had proof he wouldn’t need to use other studies as validation. Additionally, he highlighted that the approach Maneesh followed put him off and was the wrong one to follow. He went out.

Kevin talked about his experience with aversion therapy while studying psychology and said he was interested. He offered a deal of $500,000 as a loan at 7.5% interest for 24 months and 3.14% equity.

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Maneesh said he didn’t want to work with Kevin because they weren’t as focused on the money. He left Shark Tank Season 7 with no deal and with Kevin swearing at him. Did the company survive without a deal? Let’s check out our Pavlok update to see.

Research for our Pavlok update revealed that Maneesh continued working on the buzzer and the company is still active. It is currently earning around $600,000 in annual revenue.

The Pavlok can be bought on Amazon or on the Pavlok website. If we get more news on a Pavlok update we will let you know!

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