Track Days Movie Update | Season 4

James Lavitola and Brian Pitt are looking for investors to help finance their movie idea. Will their Hollywood dream become reality on Shark Tank Season 4? Find out in our Track Days update!

Shark Tank Track Days Update

Track Days Update

  • Entrepreneurs: James Lavitola and Brian Pitt
  • Business: Full-length action film
  • Ask: $5 million for 34% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

While most pitches on Shark Tank revolve around businesses, James and Brian came on to pitch their “full-length action film”called Track Days about a “motorcycle world championship” to the sharks. Mark Cuban was out immediately, not even hearing the rest of the pitch.

James and Brian carried on, undeterred. They handed out movie snacks like popcorn and candy, to share the teaser trailer for their flick. Unfortunately, it was underwhelming, including only cheesy PowerPoint-style animations and word art. Robert Herjavec couldn’t believe it. “That’s it?” he asked.

Kevin O’Leary wanted to know more about the movie. James went to work trying salesman tactics. He said that it was a “crapshoot”, but that he and Brian had come up with a way to make the sharks “the house”. Robert asked how that was possible. Brian said they were going to provide a packaged product, and show “efficient” foreign sales and “efficient” distribution upfront to mitigate risk.

Mark corrected Brian, telling him he meant to say “sufficient.” Brian acknowledged his mistake, and began explaining the process by starting with the script. The sharks were astonished. Robert couldn’t believe they were there looking for money and didn’t even have a script. Brian assured them they had a story, at least, but Robert was astounded.

Daymond John spoke up at this point, telling everyone he was the Executive Producer of The Crow. Kevin asked if it was a good investment, and Daymond said it was a “horror flick” in regard to getting a return on his investment. For that reason, he was out.

James and Brian were unfazed, claiming they would win back both Daymond and Mark as the pitch proceeded. Brian explained that the sharks would spend no actual money until foreign and domestic sales were realized, distribution deals were in place, and product placements were negotiated.

Barbara felt it was too good to be true. She asked why she should trust them. Brian said that he had worked twelve years in the film industry in various roles, including Head of Production and Head of Physical Production for an indie company responsible for Mr. Brooks and Waiting. James, on the other hand, had formerly been on Broadway before moving to Los Angeles to be a stuntman.

Robert asked what the $5 million was going to. James said the $5 million might go into Escrow. Mark said it sounded like having the $5 million was a tactic to establish credibility. As Barbara put it, the investment was “bait.”

Kevin said Track Days was a horrifically bad idea, and he forbade them from trying to make the movie, and went out. Barbara would be next, saying it would be hypocritical to invest in a motorcycle movie after forbidding her teenage son from getting one. It wasn’t her thing, so she was out. Robert was the only one left. He said it was a “ludicrous concept”, and he couldn’t accept the risks involved, especially without a script and especially for $5 million. He went out, and the pitch was over.

Did the movie ever come to fruition? Keep reading our Track Days update to find out!

As it would turn out, a movie with no script, no actors, and no financing was not a sound idea. Track Days failed to receive the financing on Shark Tank, and didn’t find it anywhere else either. The movie was never made, and James and Brian moved onto other things shortly after the pitch. This will be our final Track Days update.

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