Send a Ball Update | Shark Tank Season 1

Are you looking to send someone a ball? Sisters Michele Kapustka and Melisa Moroko have just the solution for you! Their company prints personalized messages on balls and ships them for you. Will they earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 1? Find out in our Send a Ball Update! 

Shark Tank Send a Ball Update

Send a Ball Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Michele Kapustka and Melisa Moroko
  • Business: Balls with personalized messages printed on them
  • Ask: $86,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Sisters Michele and Melisa felt inspired to create Send a Ball after waiting in line at the post office and noticing an interest in sending balls as gifts.

Each ball was custom printed with a quirky message, and created a standout quirky gift that brought happiness in the mail.

With no packaging costs, orders had been doubling. The sisters were looking for capital to be able to keep up with these orders and manufacture the balls themselves.

The profit margin of $15-$20 per sale piqued Kevin O’Leary’s interest, but not enough to invest in the ball business. He went out.

Barbara Corcoran asked if the sisters had gone to the bank. They replied that they did, but they were also looking for the sharks’ connections.

Kevin Harrington went out purely because there was nothing proprietary about the business. Daymond John agreed with that, and also went out.

Robert Herjavec followed, stating that he wasn’t sure what he could bring to the table.

Barbara hesitated, but she ultimately went out. With no offers from the sharks, the sisters left the tank without a deal. Do you think they thrived after their appearance in the tank? Keep reading our Send a Ball update to find out more.

Our Send a Ball update reveals that the company succeeded after Shark Tank. They’re still in business in business and are currently making around $1 million in annual revenue.

Products are available on the Send a Ball website. It’s always great to see a company from Season 1 still in business after so many years and we hope to see them continue to grow in our next Send a Ball update.

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