Lightfilm Light-Up Car Decal Update | Shark Tank Season 2

Would you like a fun, light-up decal for your car windows, that also has motion sensors? If so, entrepreneurs Rolf Schwartz and George Podd, have come up with an innovative product just for you. Will they light up a deal on Shark Tank Season 2? Read our Lightfilm update to find out!

Shark Tank Lightfilm Update

Lightfilm update

  • Entrepreneur: Rolf Schwartz and George Podd
  • Business: Light-up decal stickers
  • Ask: $100,000 for 5% equity
  • Result: $100,000 for 70% equity
  • Shark: Daymond John and Robert Herjavec

Rolf and George bring their company, Lightfilm, to Shark Tank Season 2 Episode 5, with their light-up decals at the ready. They introduce their company, and mention the easy installation of their light-up decal stickers for car windows.

Basically, you simply peel and stick the decal directly to your car window. No tools required.

While the decals they present to the sharks are wired, they say they are in the process of creating their next line. It will be wireless decals, that use batteries and solar power.

When asked about a patent, they share that they have filed for one. That said, it’s still pending.

Barbara Corcoran asks if they offer custom decals. The entrepreneurs say that down the road, that is their plan.

Rolf and George talk more about their experience and vision. Robert Herjavec asks about sales, and is told they are waiting for investments.

George says he put $750,000 into Lightfilm, and patents. Then, Barbara asks how much it costs to produce, and to sell.

They reply that the battery-operated ones can be produced for around $5, with a planned wholesale price of $10. Further, they will retail them for $19.99, depending on licensing.

Robert asks if they have any licensing deals. George says they have the green light to proceed to the next step with Harley Davidson. 

Kevin Harrington goes out, because he thinks that the project will require much more money.

Kevin O. says the product needs a strategic partner, and that cash won’t be enough on its own, so he goes out too.

Robert likes the product, but agrees with Kevin O.’s take and also goes out.

Barbara says she isn’t the right partner or customer, and goes out next.

Daymond John says he is interested, but only in the battery-powered ones, and in getting licensing deals for them. He is also going to provide manufacturing and distribution, but only for 75% of the company.

The offer on the table is $100,000 for 75% equity, plus unlimited financing for the orders.

George and Rolf counter with $750,000, for 51% equity, but after some back and forth, are asked to step out for a moment.

When they return, Robert joins Daymond for a deal. The new offer is $100,000, with unlimited financing for 70% equity.

The guys then counter the sharks back with $200,000 for 70% equity. After some back and forth, Rolf and George agree to the  two shark deal of $100,000, for 70% equity.

Do you think they succeeded? Keep reading our Lightfilm update to see what happened next!

Our Lightfilm update shows that the partnership was fruitful, and the company averages over $1 million in yearly sales.

Eventually, Lightfilm rebranded to PowerDecal.

With Daymond at the helm of licensing, manufacturing, and distributing the product, it actually became one of the biggest successes on Shark Tank.

You can check out what they offer on the  PowerDecal website.

It looks like they are only taking custom orders, and prices vary depending on how many you order of the decal. There is a contact email on the website, for inquiring about orders.

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