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Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2017 by Deborah and Jonathan Torres, Atlas Monroe is a vegan catering company. They’re hoping to partner with a shark to help grow their brand. Will they get a deal on Shark Tank Season 11? Find out in our Atlas Monroe update!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Atlas Monroe after Shark Tank!

Atlas Monroe appeared on Shark Tank Season 11 and left without a deal. In terms of an Atlas Monroe update, the company is still in business and has an annual revenue of around $5 million. Further, they have expanded their product line to include sauces, vegan bacon, vegan beef, and desserts.

Shark:  Result:
Mark Cuban and Rohan Oza Accepted deal for $1,000,000 for 100% equity and a 10% royalty for Jonathan and Deborah
Barbara Corcoran No Offer
Kevin O’Leary No Offer
Barbara Corcoran No Offer

Shark Tank Atlas Monroe Update

Atlas Monroe update

  • Entrepreneur: Deborah and Jonathan Torres
  • Business: Vegan online catering
  • Ask: $500,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Deborah and Jonathan brought Atlas Monroe to Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 2. Deborah initially founded the company after convincing her parents to switch to a vegan diet to help manage her father’s diabetes.

When the switch to a vegan diet worked for her father, Deborah decided she wanted to make exciting vegan foods that mimic meats, and thus Atlas Monroe came into being. The company is a popular vegan brand, and they won the Best Dish at the 2018 National Fried Chicken Festival as the only vegan vendor in attendance.

At the start of the pitch, the couple gave all the sharks “fried chicken” and asked what they thought. They all loved it, but when Deborah and Jonathan said it was vegan, they were absolutely shocked!

They started out by selling at food festivals, and people raved about the products. Then, they gained celebrities, and influencers, that freely advertised the food.

However, the pitch they gave was confusing surrounding the numbers, and the pair were hesitant to discuss sales. They finally share that their sales for the year are $60,000.

When they send out a typical 6-piece order of chicken, they charge $23 and their average shipping cost is $21, leaving very little margins. Even worse, it costs $2.66 to make 6 pieces of chicken.

Kevin O’Leary says there’s no way to get to the valuation, so he’s out.

Barbara Corcoran thinks it’s too early for Atlas Monroe to be asking for an investment, so she is also out.

Mark Cuban is interested and offers Deborah and Jonathan a $500,000 line of credit for 30% of the company.

Guest shark Rohan Oza feels that there’s too much work to be done, so he is the next shark out.

Lori Greiner loves the product, but the numbers don’t work for her. For this reason, she is also out.

Then Rohan Oza joins Mark’s offer, for a total of $1 million for the entire company, plus offering Jonathan and Deborah 10% royalties on sales. The duo declines this offer, with Deborah stating that the offer of $1 million shows Atlas Monroe’s worth.

The sharks cannot believe that the couple turned down $1 million, and Deborah and Jonathan walked away without a deal. Keep reading our Atlas Monroe update to find out what happens following Shark Tank!

We have great news to share in our Atlas Monroe update. The company is still in business, and doing quite well. As of April 2021, they opened their own manufacturing facility and closed out the year with around $5 million in sales.

They also sell more than just vegan fried chicken on their site, moving to include sauces, vegan bacon, vegan beef, and desserts. Their vegan chicken is served in several restaurants, including Copper Branch locations, the world’s largest vegan restaurant chain.

You can learn more about their products on the Atlas Monroe website. If we hear anything more about the company, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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