ZUP Update | Shark Tank Season 9

ZUP is a water accessories brand that has produced a multi-purpose waterboard for outdoor activities that can be used on lakes, ponds, and even the beach. The company came onto Season 9 in an attempt to raise $300,000 in exchange for 10% equity. In addition to receiving the money, ZUP also hopes to find a shark that could serve as a strategic partner for the brand. Let’s see whether ZUP was able to secure a deal before we fast forward to a present-day ZUP update.

Shark Tank ZUP Update

ZUP Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Nick Kierpiec, Glen Duff, and Scott Parks
  • Business: Water Boards
  • Ask: $300,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

The entrepreneurs told the sharks that they had about $2.5 million in total lifetime sales since launching the business about four years earlier. Most of the company’s sales come from nearly 200 different retail locations across North America and Europe. A smaller portion of the sales come from the Amazon marketplace or their own website.

Nick Kierpiec, Glen Duff, and Scott Parks were the three entrepreneurs trying to convince the sharks to invest. They told them that their company averaged a 54% margin across all of the products and sold them at price points between $219 and $499.

Mark Cuban and Daymond John have some emotional concerns about the entrepreneurs themselves. They felt as if they couldn’t get direct answers about the product, so they both respectively dropped out without making an offer. Kevin O’Leary also dropped out after uncovering some answers about the $550,000 of debt that ZUP currently had on its balance sheet.

Guest shark, Sara Blakely, and Lori Greiner were the final two sharks remaining, but they eventually dropped out after sharing some of their concerns with the entrepreneurs’ vision for the future. Let’s fast forward and jump ahead to the present day to get a ZUP update.

The company is still in business after appearing on Shark Tank and has had moderate success on Amazon. Customers have posted thousands of positive reviews online about the quality of their water boards, but the company’s potential may be limited without the help of a shark. Many of the sharks thought that the company would go bankrupt fairly quickly after appearing on the show, but it appears that theory is wrong.

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