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Toddlers are notoriously messy eaters. They move their placemats around and tip their bowls, creating a mess for mom and dad to clean up after every mealtime. “Momtrepreneur” Lindsey Laurain created the Ezpz Happy Mat to avoid these messes with her triplets. These mats are tip-proof and suction right to your table or surface. Will the sharks be happy to learn all about these mats on Shark Tank Season 7? Find out in our Ezpz update and recap.

Shark Tank Ezpz Update

Ezpz Update

  • Entrepreneur: Lindsey Laurain
  • Business: Silicone meal mats for toddlers
  • Ask: $1 million for 5% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Lindsey began her pitch with a video of her toddlers (triplet boys) throwing their food around. She explained that she created the Ezpz Happy Mat to decrease messes around meal times. The mats could be suctioned to surfaces, so kids could eat without the mess. 

ezpz Mini Mat (Blue) - 100% Silicone Suction Plate with Built-in Placemat for Infants + Toddlers - First Foods + Self-Feeding - Comes with a Reusable Travel Bag
  • All-in-one placemat + plate contains the mess 
  • Placemat suctions to any flat surface to reduce tipped bowls / plates 
  • Mat fits most highchair trays, including 'space saver' models 
  • Promotes self-feeding and develops fine motor skills

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The sharks thought the product was cute when she passed out samples. She told them she made the mats for $6 each, and they sell for $24.95 (wholesale $12.50). Kevin O’Leary wanted to know sales, and she revealed that she had $1.2 million so far, and expected to do $30 million by the end of the year. However, she only sold about 500 mats per Nordstrom store where the product was stocked.

Robert Herjavec said she was all over the map, so she went out. Lori Greiner is concerned with her patent list, so she went out too. Kevin thought it was risky, but offered $1 million for 5% with the contingency that he got 20% instead if she didn’t make $10 million in sales during the following year. 

Mark Cuban said he wouldn’t do a deal at all and went out. Barbara Corcoran believed in her, and offered $1 million. However, she wanted to pay $250,000 a year if she hit certain targets. Kevin agreed to help Lindsey with the legal side of things when the inevitable knockoff occurred. 

However, Lindsey said she was going to move on. Robert wanted to know why she said she wanted a deal if she didn’t mean it. Lindsey chose to walk away without a deal. Let’s check in with the company for our Ezpz update.

It was a long road for Ezpz, but the company is doing amazing despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank. Research for our Ezpz update revealed that the company faced a long lawsuit from a company claiming copyright infringement. This delayed the company’s growth by three years, but Lindsey still managed to snag a few distribution deals.

Now, you can find the Ezpz Happy mat in BuyBuyBaby, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and on Amazon. They are also available on the Ezpz website, along with a host of other baby and toddler products. While yearly sales aren’t reported, the company is valued at about $20 million in 2022.

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