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Entrepreneur Nick Romero pitched his printing company during Shark Tank Season 3. The Ave, is his service that’s offers custom design printing. It allows for more personalization in fashion, and enables easy wearable art. Will the sharks find this business enticing? Find out in The Ave update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to The Ave after Shark Tank!

Nick Romero appeared on Shark Tank Season 3, but ultimately walked away without a deal. In terms of The Ave update, the company is still in business. Additionally, it has since rebranded to The Ave Los Angeles, and partnered with many big name companies.

Shark: Result:
Mark Cuban No offer
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Robert Herjavec  No offer
Barbara Corcoran  No offer
Daymond John No offer

Shark Tank The Ave Update

The Ave Update

  • Entrepreneur: Nick Romero
  • Business: Custom designs for clothes and shoes
  • Ask: $125,000 for 15% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Founder of The Ave, Nick Romero, walked into the tank and introduced the sharks to his patented printing process. Because we’re living in a digital era, young people are creating their own music, their own art, and their own photography.

Because of this, he believes the appeal is also there for them to create their own clothes. This gives them the ability to express themselves and customize just about any article of clothing.

His vision for his company is that The Ave will be the first retail chain ever, that allows people to customize anything from clothes, to shoes, and more. The process is done in just minutes, and the customer can use their art, graphics, or favorite slogans.

At the time of the pitch, Nick’s most popular service is offering customization of the customers favorite shoes. Rockstars, celebrities, and regular people have been ordering this service from all over the world.

He showed them how it worked, and created a custom pair of Shark Tank sneakers. He then shared that he plans to put The Ave in every city in the world, but he needs the help of shark to accomplish this.

Robert Herjavec asked about costs, and Nick said a custom shoe cost $100 with the shoe. This cost about $28 to manufacture, including the shoe.

Daymond John asked if it all came down to the machine, but Nick said it came down to a particular part he’d designed himself to fit several types of shoes.

Nick highlighted that since opening the previous year, they’d made $570,000 in sales with a profit of $150,000, all with only his small shop. He had several phases planned for development and growth, leading to franchising and licensing.

Daymond thought he was working too hard instead of working smart and focusing on leasing. He ultimately went out.

Mark Cuban agreed with Daymond, although he didn’t think that it diminished the opportunity.

Robert agreed with Daymond as well, so he went out next. 

Kevin O’Leary went out based next, because he hates the retail space. Therefore, it wasn’t for him. 

Similarly, Barbara Corcoran went out because she thought Nick was too focused on retail. 

This left only Mark in play. He thought about it, but after further discussion with Nick, he didn’t think there was enough hard work involved on Nick’s behalf.

Unfortunately Mark went out in the end, leaving Nick without a deal.

Do you think he continued to thrive after following Shark Tank? Keep reading our The Ave update to find out.

Research for The Ave update reveals that Nick achieved his development dreams, despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank. He eventually grew his business with licensing and distribution, as well as the online store.

At some point, The Ave rebranded to The Ave Los Angeles. Since the show, the company has done licensing deals with Bruce Lee, the Elvis movie, Hendrick Motorsports, just to name a few.

Check out all of their offerings on The Ave Los Angeles website. Annual revenue is estimated to be around $3 million.

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