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Tired of your tie doing its own thing? Do you need to keep your tie straight and professional, even on windy days? Dwight Littlejohn, a government agent, understood the struggle all too well. He made the Total Tie Keep, a button-on accessory that helps you maintain a professional appearance. What will the sharks think of this helpful accessory in Shark Tank Season 7?  Find out in our Total Tie Keep update. 

Shark Tank Total Tie Keep Update

Total Tie Keep Update

  • Entrepreneur: Dwight Littlejohn
  • Business: Button-on accessory to keep your tie straight
  • Ask: $50,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Dwight started his pitch explaining that he needed to look sharp while protecting important people, though he couldn’t say what government agency he worked for. He showed how to use his Total Tie Keep product, a simple button-on clip alternative that kept your tie where you wanted it.

Total Tie Keep Necktie Accessory Gold Collection

The Total Tie Keep corrects, straightens and controls the entire necktie by loosely attaching the necktie to the shirt. Uses shirt buttons to stabilize the tie, while maintaining a natural look. Does not damage necktie as with tie clips or tie pins.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Total Tie Keep sells for $25 for a pack of four styles, though the package costs about $3 to make. Dwight needed a partner to help him market the product because he didn’t want to leave his job. He sold 200 units in Men’s Wearhouse, which Daymond John told him was a mistake. 

Dwight needed help with selling but also needed the money to purchase new products. Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban dropped out first. Lori said she didn’t want to run his business for him, while Mark didn’t wear ties. Robert Herjavec followed, stating that a business should be a full-time job. 

Daymond didn’t want to invest and do most of the work, so he went out. This left Kevin O’Leary. He said he would need a lot of the company, up to 116%, in order to invest $50,000. He liked the product, but he couldn’t make an investment. 

Unfortunately, Total Tie Keep walked away without a deal. Where is the company now? Find out in our Total Tie Keep update.

Dwight wasn’t ready to give up, and that turned out to be a good thing! In our Total Tie Keep update, we found that the company is still in business, with annual revenue of around $1 million.

Now, they sell more than just the Tie Keep – they’ve branched out to socks and ties to go with them! You can purchase one and all of their other products on the Total Tie Keep website and also on Amazon.

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