shark tank sip herbals update

Sip Herbals Update | Shark Tank Season 15

Orleatha Smith battled daily anxiety, chills, and stomach issues due to her autoimmune condition, which was aggravated by her morning coffee habit. Frustrated by this, she sought natural solutions, which led to her founding Sip Herbals, a morning pick-me-up coffee alternative. Will her pitch help her secure a deal with a shark? Find out in our Sip Herbals update and pitch recap.

Kevin O’LearyNo offer
Mark CubanNo offer
Candace NelsonNo offer
Daymond JohnNo offer
Lori Greiner  No offer
  • Entrepreneur: Orleatha Smith
  • Business: Coffee alternative
  • Ask: $100k for a 10% equity
  • Result: No Deal
  • Shark: None  

Shark Tank Sip Herbals Pitch

shark tank sip herbals update

Orleatha began her pitch by explaining how her product, Sip Herbals, is a welcome alternative to coffee. 

Organic Coffee Substitute
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She then went on to explain the product’s details and its carefully chosen ingredients.  

She further taps into a common experience: the feeling of an incomplete morning routine without that familiar cup of coffee. But, she adds, some people can’t enjoy morning coffee due to health reasons. 

Orleatha ended her pitch by inviting the sharks to the offer table, where she asked if they wanted to help people reclaim their daily ritual with Sip Herbals. Then, she presented them with three flavors, and the sharks gave them a try. 

Kevin O’Leary wanted to know the market size. Orleatha explained that 20% of Americans can’t tolerate coffee. Intrigued, Kevin asked if she thought that meant a 20% market share reduction for her product. 

Orleatha clarified, saying some people wouldn’t give it up, no matter what. Guest shark Candace Nelson chimed in, saying she was one of those people. 

Candace, someone who loves coffee, was impressed. But she wondered how the Sip Herbals could taste like coffee without having caffeine. 

Orleatha explained that her product has chicory dandies, which are caffeine-free coffee alternatives. 

Curious about numbers, Kevin asked if the business was profitable. Orleatha said her production cost is around $3 per Sip bag, and they retail for $19-$24. 

Candace asked Orleatha about her vision for the brand. Orleatha explained that their goal is to help people reclaim a healthy and enjoyable morning ritual. 

She wants people to start their day with a beverage that nourishes them rather than just a quick drink that might leave them feeling unwell.  

Despite her passionate presentation, the sharks were headed in a different direction. 

Lori Greiner loves the idea of being a customer but not an investor. She drops out of the deal.

Daymond John liked her idea but didn’t think this was the kind of business he would want to invest in, so he dropped out. 

Mark Cuban doesn’t feel the business is an investable one. So, he passes on the deal. 

Candace says the business doesn’t align with her personal interests, and she exits the deal as well. 

Kevin feels that the business return on investment timeline doesn’t justify the equity she’s asking for. Because of this, he’s out. 

With all the sharks opting not to invest in Orleatha’s business, how did she forge ahead? Find out in our Sip Herbals update.

Shark Tank Sip Herbals Update

Since airing on Shark Tank, Orleatha is still working hard on Sip Herbals despite not getting a deal.

While we don’t have much information yet, we do know that after airing, the company received a nice boost in sales thanks to Shark Tank‘s popularity.

Our Sip Herbals update research also found that the business was also given a Comcast Rise Grant, which has awarded over $100 million in funding to Sip Herbals and more than 13,000 other businesses.

Sip Herbals is available on its official website, through select retailers, and on Amazon.

You can get the packages in several flavors, such as peppermint mocha, cinnamon roll, salted maple blonde signature roast, royal mocha, French vanilla, and dirty chai. 

With significant progress thus far, things are looking promising for our next Sip Herbals update. 

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