The Bang Shack Update

The Bang Shack Update | Shark Tank Season 10

Jason Hadley came onto Shark Tank to represent his food dip company, The Bang Shack. With the hopes of securing a $80,000 investment for 20% equity, let’s see if any of the sharks were willing to make an offer. Once we see how the company fared with the negotiations, we’ll share our Bang Shack update to see how the company is doing in the present day.

Shark Tank The Bang Shack Update

The Bang Shack Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Jason Hadley
  • Business: Food
  • Ask: $80,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Jason told the sharks that The Bang Shack only sold its product in farmer’s markets in the State of Florida. In just one market with a relatively medium-sized booth, his company managed to generate $53,000 in sales during the 2017 calendar year. The sharks seemed impressed, but were they convinced enough to actually make an investment with their own money?

Mark Cuban wasn’t convinced, so he decided to drop out because he didn’t see enough evidence in the company’s performance that the investment would be justified. Daymond John shared similar feelings and also dropped out of the negotiations. Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary told Jason that the company was too early on to even consider making an investment, so they both dropped out as well.

Unfortunately for Jason and The Bang Shack, Robert Herjavec was the final shark and he felt the same way as the other four sharks, and said he couldn’t make an investment at the early stages of Jason’s company. After being rejected by all five sharks, Jason amicably left Shark Tank without a deal. The Bang Shack update will inform you that very few things have changed since the company’s Shark Tank appearance.

Like most companies, a temporary boost in popularity, marketing, and sales took place. After many months and years, the company is still in operation and hasn’t really expanded beyond the farmer’s markets. The Bang Shack’s revenue numbers are not available, but estimates suggest that the company has slowly grown year over year since Shark Tank in Season 10 and it still has an active website.

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