S.W.A.G Essentials Men’s Soap Update | Shark Tank Season 6

Licensed esthetician, Lydia Evans, received a call from her barber brother one day, asking for her help. He needed a solution to that addressed razor burn and hair bumps. Lydia developed just the right product to solve these issues. Will the sharks make a deal with Lydia on Shark Tank Season 6? Find out in our S.W.A.G Essentials update!

Shark Tank S.W.A.G Essentials Update

S.W.A.G Essentials Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Lydia Evans
  • Business: Men’s grooming products
  • Ask: $125,000 for 20% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Sharks: None

Lydia brought her versatile S.W.A.G Essentials soap bar into the tank. She passed samples out to the sharks and shared with them how just one bar of soap allows guys to cleanse, exfoliate and disinfect the surface of their skin. Inside the bar of soap was a loofa and 63 ingredients.

SWAG Bar- Soaps Washes and Grooming Essentials- As Seen On Shark Tank

Swag Bar comes with an all natural 3in1 soap that deeply cleanses, exfoliates and disinfects the skin in one easy use. Good for all skin types Cleanse, exfoliate and disinfect with one product with one easy use.

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Since launching, she had managed to generate $54,500 in sales, but all of those sales have relied on marketing through her brother’s barber shop or her own company website. Marketing and promotion would admittedly be one of her goals if she was awarded an investment by any of the sharks.

With a margin of 75%, and a retail price of $15.00, the sharks were impressed with Lydia’s numbers. Even still, not all of the sharks were convinced that S.W.A.G Essentials was worth the investment. Robert Herjavec decided to drop out because he wasn’t familiar with these types of products, while Kevin O’Leary had a different concern. He believed the company was more of a hobby and in way too early of a stage to even consider investing.

The three remaining sharks all agreed that it would be too much work and likely not worth the effort when compared to the potential risk. Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John all dropped out without making an offer, forcing Lydia to leave Shark Tank without a deal. What became of her company? Keep reading our S.W.A.G Essentials update to find out!

It’s good news for Lydia. Research for our S.W.A.G Essentials update revealed that she has increased the number of products within her company and generates a few million dollars in gross revenue every single year. Her products are available on the S.W.A.G Essentials website and on Amazon.

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