G.O.A.T. Pet Products Update | Shark Tank Season 9

G.O.A.T Pet Products was a unique company themed around the idea of boosting interaction and engagement with pets. During Shark Tank Season 9 the company was seeking a significant investment of $499,000 in exchange for 9% equity. Let’s see if any of the sharks were inspired enough to invest before we take a look at our G.O.A.T Pet Products update.

Shark Tank G.O.A.T Pet Products Update

G.O.A.T Pet Products Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Michelle Winowich
  • Business: Pet Interaction Speaker
  • Ask: $499,000 for 9% equity
  • Result: $499,000 for 33% equity
  • Sharks: Robert Herjavec

G.O.A.T Pet Products pet speaker can stream music, play sounds, and create funny moments by allowing your dog to ‘pretend’ to speak. Michelle Winowich demonstrated how the product might work in front of the sharks before starting to negotiate and cover details about the background of her company.

Michelle stunned the sharks when she told them that her company had generated more than $2 million in sales in less than six months on the market. Petsmart purchased $2 million in units and had a six-month exclusive agreement with G.O.A.T Pet Products.

A single unit costs approximately $5 while it sells at a price point of $24.99. The margins were reasonable and the sharks continued to like the news that they were hearing from Michelle.

Kevin O’Leary believed that the company hadn’t proven that the product would sell and considered this investment to be a major risk. For that reason, Kevin dropped out and Mark Cuban quickly followed.

All of the sharks dropped out except for Robert, who decided to make an aggressive offer to Michelle for her to consider. Robert offered $499,000 in exchange for 33% equity in her company.

After considering her only option, Michelle decided to accept the offer and leave Shark Tank with a deal.

Let’s jump ahead now to get a G.O.A.T Pet Products update to see how the Shark Tank experience may have helped Michelle’s business.

In our G.O.A.T Pet Products update research, we found that the company seems to have gone out of business. Its Facebook page has not been updated since September 2021 and the website is no longer active.

Unfortunately, it appears that this will be our final G.O.A.T Pet Products update.

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