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Entrepreneur Johnson Bailey pitched his candle company on Shark Tank Season 2. Original Man Candle isn’t just any ordinary candle company however. It makes masculine-scented candles for you guessed it, men! Will the sharks sniff out a deal? Find out in our Original Man Candle update.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of what happened to Original Man Candle after Shark Tank!

Johnson Bailey appeared on Shark Tank Season 2, but ultimately walked away without a deal. In terms of an Original Man Candle update, despite not getting a deal, an investor, P. Nathan Thornberry, contacted Johnson after seeing the episode, and bought into the company, and eventually took it over. Because all of the products on the company website are out of stock, it’s unclear if this company has gone out of business, or if they’re just experiencing some inventory issues.

Shark: Result:
Robert Herjavec  No offer
Daymond John  No offer
Barbara Corcoran  No offer
Kevin O’Leary No offer
Mark Cuban  No offer

Shark Tank Original Man Candle Update

Original Man Candle update

  • Entrepreneur: Johnson Bailey
  • Business: Masculine-scented candles
  • Ask: $50,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Original Man Candle founder, Johnson Bailey, walks into the tank, and quickly treats the sharks to his selection of scented candles with masculine fragrances. The line includes scents such as ‘popcorn’ and ‘pot roast’.

Mark Cuban is amused by the inclusion of a ‘basketball’ candle. Johnson says his bestseller is a candle that smells like farts, and some of the sharks are brave enough to give that a sniff too.

Mark asks about the business. Johnson says each candle is around $12, and the line is currently present across 400 stores across the country.

Robert Herjavec asks about sales, and Johnson says the previous year has reached $53,000 in sales. He says his wife works full-time, while he focuses on candles.

Altogether, he’s  invested around $40,000 into the business, and he even hand pours each and every candle. Robert wonders why Johnson thinks this is a good idea for a business, especially after he shares that he only gets 6-7 orders per year from stores.

Kevin O’Leary ultimately doesn’t see anything proprietary about the company. For this reason, he is out.

Barbara Corcoran follows out, saying the business is not big enough for her to invest in.

Daymond John eventually goes out for the same reasons.

Robert speaks up next. He doesn’t see how the business will make any money, and he goes out too.

With four sharks now out, only Mark is left. Although he sees potential, he can’t see the Original Man Candle as a full business, so he is out.

with that, Johnson is forced to leave Shark Tank without a deal.

Do you think the company thrived following the show? Keep reading our Original Man Candle update to see what came next for the business.

Our Original Man Candle update reveals that the company has had a lot to overcome. While the Shark Tank appearance boosted sales initially, the business has struggled against big name competition.

After the episode aired, an investor P. Nathan Thornberry, offered Johnson $65,000 in exchange for 35% of the company, and Johnson accepted the deal. However, things went sour, their partnership ended with a lawsuit that Thornberry won.

Johnson left the company, and Thornberry took it over. That said, at the time of this writing, all of the products on the Original Man Candle website are out of stock, which isn’t a good sign for the company.

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