Fun Time Express Train Ride Update | Shark Tank Season 5

Stan Krozel and Kevin Ullery ‘s shopping mall train ride is picking up steam, but they need an investment to grow their business. Will they earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 5? Find out in our Fun Time Express update!

Shark Tank Fun Time Express Update

Fun Time Express Update

  • Entrepreneurs: Stan Krozel, Kevin Ullery
  • Business: Mall train rides
  • Ask: $125,000 in exchange for 20% equity
  • Result: $125,000 in exchange for 20% equity
  • Sharks: Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary

Stan had built a successful career in real estate, but when the market crashed in 2008, everything changed. He and his partner Kevin decided to risk it all and start a new business. Their new venture is a shopping mall kiddie train ride business called Fun Time Express.

Stan told the sharks that the couple was operating five trains at the time, with a sixth and seventh train on the way. Each train cost about $37,500 and a ride around the mall cost kids $3. On weekends, a train at the mall could make $800.

The two started the business in 2011, and had $106,000 in gross revenue the first year, with $47,000 net profit. In the next year, those numbers doubled. By the time they made it to Shark Tank, they were set to have $150,000 in net profit that year.

Mark Cuban said the business would be tough to grow. Robert Herjavec felt the same, and he and Mark were out. Daymond John didn’t think a simple train ride would appeal to mall kids who are hooked on their screens, so he was the next to go.

Kevin O’Leary was tempted by their 25% or so return on investment, but ultimately, he was out. Lori Greiner was the last shark. She liked the business and was ready to invest if she could find a partner. Stan threw in the offer that they would repay 100% of their ticket sales in full until the debt was paid off, then Lori could get 20% thereafter.

Lori asked Kevin O’Leary to come back in and split the deal with her, and he did. Stan and Kevin Ullery accepted the deal and vowed to bring a trackless train to every mall in America. What was next for their business? Keep reading our Fun Time Express update to find out!

Research for our update finds that the guys told the Chicago Tribune that their company website received 10,000 visits within a week of their 2014 appearance on Shark Tank. He also mentioned that a year later, the deal still hadn’t closed. In 2018, they sold the company and both went back to real estate. This will be our final Fun Time Express update.

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