Gotta Have S’More Desserts Update | Season 4

Entrepreneur Carmen Lindner has invented a spin on the the campfire classic, which she calls the “s’muffin.” Will it earn her a deal on Shark Tank Season 4? Find out in our S’More update!

Shark Tank Gotta Have S’More Update

Gotta Have S'More Update

  • Entrepreneur: Carmen Lindner
  • Business: S’more-flavored muffins
  • Ask: $75,000 for 25% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Carmen came on the tank to share her tasty “s’muffins,” or s’more-flavored muffins, and pitch her business Gotta Have S’More which was performing well in the local Los Angeles market.

After sharing samples, the sharks agreed the s’muffins were tasty, even if Kevin O’Leary refused to learn how to pronounce it correctly, and moved onto talking business. Carmen said that Gotta Have S’More had been doing business for two and a half years, grossing $250,000 during that time. Although she, at that time, was only selling to the local LA market, Carmen said she was planning to ship nationally starting soon.

That’s where things began to get dicey for Carmen. Mark Cuban asked about the cost and retail prices, and the sharks were pleased to hear it cost $9.34 for a dozen s’muffins, and sold for $29.95. When Carmen shared the shipping costs to get her product shipped nationally, the box required five pounds of dry ice and would cost the consumer over $60.

Kevin found this figure staggering and went out immediately. Mark, instead, asked why she wouldn’t just keep things local to get around the astronomical shipping cost. Carmen said she had dreamed of scaling Gotta Have S’More to the national level.

Mark didn’t like this idea, and told her she couldn’t differentiate between dollars and marshmallows. Because she had chosen to undertake a problem that, in his opinion, wasn’t necessary to make money, he was out.

Robert Herjavec was also deterred by the strategy to ship nationally. By his measure, Gotta Have S’Mores was just laden with problems in every aspect. Robert thanked Carmen for the tasty sample, and politely declined to invest.

Daymond John too was not interested and chose to exit the pitch with a joke, “Your strategy is s’muffin crazy.” Barbara Corcoran would exit too, stating she loved real s’mores, but didn’t feel the s’muffin hit the spot the same way.

Carmen was shocked the sharks didn’t go “bananas” for her sweet treats, and that she left without a deal. Did she succeed anyway? Keep reading our Gotta Have S’More update!

We have mixed news to share in our Gotta Have S’More update! Carmen was able to finally get her shipping costs down in 2018, which was great for business. However, social media accounts have not been updated since December of 2022, and in the second quarter of 2023, the Gotta Have S’More website is down. At this point, it’s unclear whether the company is still in business, or if they’re just taking a break, but we hope for the best!

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