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Ever wanted a very specific beer flavor? Henry Schwartz’s crowdfunded microbrewery, MobCraft Beer, might be able to help. These crowdfunded brews are selected based on monetary votes and pledges. What will the sharks think of this unique business model on Shark Tank Season 7? Keep reading our MobCraft Beer update to find out. 

Shark Tank MobCraft Beer Update

MobCraft Beer Update

  • Entrepreneur: Henry Schwartz
  • Business: Crowdfunded microbrewery
  • Ask: $400,000 for 16% equity
  • Result: No deal
  • Shark: None

Henry came to the tank seeking $400,000 for 16% equity in MobCraft beer. He said his microbrewery has married crowdfunding with craft beer, creating a business model that relies heavily on preorders and customer ingenuity. 

Each “vote” for a customer-made beer flavor doubled as a preorder. Four 20-ounce bottles of the brew were $25, and if the brew won the voting process, it would be made and shipped out to all voters. Through the year before filming, Henry made $280,000 in sales. MobCraft was projected to do $500,000 during the year of filming, but the company would take a loss due to a new facility opening soon. 

Kevin O’Leary wasn’t a fan of the new facility idea. He wanted Henry to rent equipment from local craft breweries, taking advantage of their lost capacity. Henry said that this wasn’t in line with what the customers wanted. A 24-pack cost him $28 to make and sold for $48. 

Robert Herjavec was the first to go out. He said he wasn’t a beer guy. Lori Greiner also said she didn’t know enough about beer, so she went out. Daymond John and Mark Cuban followed. Daymond hated beer and Mark isn’t a fan of craft beers at all. 

This left Kevin as the last remaining shark. He asked if Henry would consider not building a new facility, but Henry is determined. As a result, Kevin went out. MobCraft Beer walked away without a deal, but where is the company now? Keep reading our MobCraft Beer update to find out.

Despite not receiving a deal on Shark Tank, our MobCraft Beer update has some great news! As of 2022, annual sales are estimated to be around $2.5 million. Henry eventually built the brewery building he sought funding for, and the restaurant side of it is thriving.

In late 2022, they acquired a new brewery in Denver, expanding their business! You can find more information about the beers and voting process on the MobCraft website

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