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Susan Knapp brought her company onto Shark Tank Season 1 with the hopes of securing an investment of $500,000 dollars. In exchange for the investment, Susan was willing to part ways with 15% of her company’s ownership equity. Her gourmet food brand was building momentum, but she wanted the guidance and investment of a shark to help boost her company to the next level. Let’s see what happened on Shark Tank before we give you A Perfect Pear update from the present day.

Shark Tank A Perfect Pear Update

A Perfect Pear update

  • Entrepreneurs:  Susan Knapp
  • Business:  Gourmet Food
  • Ask: $500,000 for 15% equity
  • Result:   $500,000 for 50% equity
  • Sharks:  Kevin Harrington and Robert Herjavec

With more than $700,000 dollars in gross revenue sales, Susan told the sharks that her company would only net a profit of about 2%. That’s a very small amount of money, but the sharks agreed that there may still be something interesting about A Perfect Pair as a gourmet food brand.

A Perfect Pear was already in more than 600 stores at the time of appearing on Shark Tank. The sharks wanted to learn a little more about why Susan Knapp needed the investment for her company. She wanted to boost her production to help keep up with purchase orders.

Kevin O’Leary decided to make an offer of $500,000 dollars in exchange for a whopping 70% equity in Susan’s company.  Daymond John made a slightly less greedy offer by only asking for 51% equity in exchange for his $500,000 dollars.  Kevin Harrington and Robert Herjavec decided to team up and make an offer of $500,000 dollars for half of the company.

After an intense set of negotiations, Susan decided to accept Robert and Kevin’s offer of $500,000 dollars in exchange for 50% equity. Let’s quickly get A Perfect Pear update to see how Susan’s company has progressed since Season 1. 

After a short-term boost to her company, Susan was ultimately forced to close her business in 2010 after it had a small level of success. Our A Perfect Pear update research confirmed that the company no longer in business and has been closed for a little more than a decade. 

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