The Chef in Black Salad Dressing Update | Shark Tank Season 1

The perfect Chinese dressing can be hard to find in grocery stores. That’s why Dorene Humason has created the Jaden Chinese salad dressing to meet that need. Will she earn a deal on Shark Tank Season 1? Find out in The Chef in Black update! 

Shark Tank The Chef in Black Update

The Chef in Black Update

  • Entrepreneur: Dorene Humason
  • Business: Chinese inspired salad dressing
  • Ask: $50,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: $50,000 for 35% equity
  • Shark: Barbara Corcoran

Dorene entered Shark Tank Season 1 accompanied by her daughter Brooke. Her brand, The Chef in Black recently launched its first product, the Jaden Chinese salad dressing mix and is in need of a shark to help grow the brand. 

The sharks were treated to samples of the the product, which they enjoyed. They had one small issue however; brand confusion.

Dorene said she wanted to expand the business, and was working on further recipes. She also said the dressing could be used as a rub or as a stir fry sauce, and so on. 

Kevin Harrington went out because he thought the business model was too confusing. Robert Herjavec agreed, and also went out.

Daymond John said he was a bit afraid of the market and how the product would fare, so he went out next.

Kevin O’Leary thought competitors would easily drown Dorene out. Barbara Corcoran disagreed, but Kevin went out anyway.

Barbara said she was scared of the food industry because so many products failed, but she admired Dorene’s attitude.

Barbara offered $50,000 for 40%, contingent on Dorene focusing on a product and committing to it for a while. She didn’t want Dorene to move too quickly.

Dorene countered with 35% equity for $50,000. Barbara accepted, and Dorene left Shark Tank Season 1 with a deal. What do you think happened to the business after that? Keep reading our Chef in Black update to find out!

Our Chef in Black update shows that the deal with Barbara never came to fruition, but Dorene did rebrand her products to avoid confusion.

Unfortunately, the company has been out of business since 2016. This will be our final The Chef in Black update.

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